2616 E Main st has 6 Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings each week. There are a total of 6 Alton AA meetings and 0 meetings within 25 miles of Alton, Texas. In addition, there are Alton treatment centers within 25 miles of Alton and Texas drug and alcohol treatment centers.

2616 E Main st

  • 2616 E Main st
  • Alton TX 78573

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*Note regarding the difference between open and closed meeting...

Closed to public - These meetings are for addicts/alcoholics only. To attend a closed meeting just show up if you have a substance abuse problem. No invitation is needed. If this is your first meeting, we recommend arriving a few minutes early. Closed meetings are closed to those who are not addicts/alcoholics.

Open to public - These meetings are open to anyone - addicts/alcoholics, their loved ones, anyone in the community, etc. Just like closed meetings, open meetings do not require an invitation to join.