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Women's Treatment

Crest View Recovery Center
  • Asheville NC 28801
  • Tel :
  • Per Month : $10,001 - $15,000
Fellowship Hall
  • Greensboro NC 27405
  • Tel :
  • Per Month : $10,001 - $15,000
  • Rosecrance Marlowe Recovery House
    • Rockford IL 61107
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000
    Rosecrance Marlowe Recovery House
    Marlowe House is a warm, prairie-style home on the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Adolescent Campus. It serves adolescent female clients 15-18 years of age who have completed a substance abuse treatment program. Services include individual and group counseling, family education and counseling, 12 Step meetings, 24-hour supervision, discharge planning for successful reintegration, secondary/higher and vocational education opportunities, interpersonal skills training, life skills building, recreational activities and relapse prevention.
  • Paces House
    • Denham Springs LA 70726
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    Paces House
    Paces House is a Sober Living residential home for females ages 18 and older who have completed at least a 28 day treatment program. It is a structured 12 Step based program. It is strictly a voluntary program for those who are not quiet ready to go out of the realm of structure and who are looking to add a little more foundation to their program. Time frame is based on each individual needs and desires. You have the luxury of fellowship both within the house and through outside meetings. Drug screens are done on an individual and/or random basis. We do work with those that are on probation or that may be in drug court.
  • Hannah's House By Origins Recovery Centers
    • South Padre Island TX 78597
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $3,501 - $5,000
    Hannah's House By Origins Recovery Centers
    Hannah’s House by Origins provides integrated inpatient treatment designed to meet the complex needs of relapsing, dual-diagnosed women. Clients receive expert medical, clinical and spiritual care designed for their individual needs. Hannah’s House is a gender-separate, trauma-informed addiction treatment program nestled bayside on tropical South Padre Island, Texas. Leveraging the clinical sophistication and 12-Step intensity of Origins Behavioral HealthCare, Hannah's House maintains an entirely female staff of addiction professionals. Each therapist is a licensed and masters-level and is professionally trained in treating addiction, sexual and physical trauma, co-occurring eating disorders, self-harm behavior, body-image issues and other challenges commonly facing addicted women. The Hannah's House treatment team includes a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Internist, Psychologists, Licensed Therapists, Registered Nurses, Dietary Expertise, 12-Step Experts, Ministerial Support personnel and more. For a confidential consultation, call (844) 843-8935 today. To learn more about Hannah’s House, click here.
  • Saint Annes Home Inc
    • Birmingham AL 35205
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $1 - $1,000
    Saint Annes Home Inc
    The treatment program at St Anne’s Home is designed to provide residential rehabilitation services to female clients in a calm and peaceful setting. Our program works with clients (age 19 or older) recovering from chemical dependency, preparing them to begin a new life physically, mentally, emotionally, vocationally, and spiritually, in an atmosphere of caring,and acceptance. St. Anne’s Home is a wonderful place to come to rehabilitate and recover from substance abuse. Although the clients come from a wide array of backgrounds, they all share one thing in common - their need for help in controlling bad habits that dictate and destroy their lives. We look at the clients in a holistic way, and work to improve the social, emotional, and physical issues that each client faces. We believe in “helping one woman at a time” to build healthy relationships and restore family and employment to a normal and stable environment. St. Anne’s allows the clients to change old habits and build new ones; habits that allow each client to become productive members of society.
  • Freedom House
    • Rogersville AL 35652
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Free
    Freedom House
    Our facility has beds available to women struggling with chemical dependency. We are a long term residential rehab that offers holistic care in the treatment of addiction. Services include relapse prevention, basic living skills training, and linkage to community, medical, and occupational resources. Our facility has beds available for women and up to 2 of their children, ages birth to 12 years, in a lovely, homelike environment. Services include substance abuse treatment, parenting classes, childcare, basic living skills training, and linkage to community resources.
  • Orca House Inc-1
    • Cleveland OH 44106
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $1,001 - $3,500
    Orca House Inc-1
    ORCA House Inc. is a chemical dependency treatment center located in Cleveland Ohio that serves individuals who need treatment services for drug and alcohol addiction.Through therapy and education, individuals begin or resume their recovery process. There are many reasons why a person would need to attend ORCA House Inc in Cleveland.A few of the reasons are: the inability to control their drinking or drug use, alienating their friends and family, legal problems, severe depression and general unhappiness due to excessive drug or alcohol use. If you need any further assistance please call us for further information.Our not for profit organization has helped thousands of people find the treatment options that changed their lives.
  • Aiken Center
    • Aiken SC 29801
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Aiken Center
    The Aiken Center functions as an independent entity under contracts with a variety of funding sources, including Aiken County, DAODAS, South Carolina Department of Health and Human services (Medicaid) and a variety of third-party payers. It has been a member agency of the United Way of Aiken County since 1981. It has a current annual budget of $1.7 million dollars. It serves 1,600 clients per year with 22,000 hours of direct treatment/intervention service by a staff of 30 members.
  • Pennsylvania Counseling Services-5
    • Lebanon PA 17042
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Pennsylvania Counseling Services-5
    Pennsylvania Counseling Services offers treatment and counseling services for mental health and addictions issues in fourteen clinics covering a nine county area in Southcentral Pennsylvania. From its inception, PCS has attempted to provide individuals with a nurturing environment whereby they are encouraged to explore their individual growth needs and to discover new and more adaptive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Our clinics provide a variety of treatment approaches designed to meet the needs of each individual, using the diverse educational background, skills, and expertise of our clinicians — all with a passion for their craft in helping touch lives for greatness. As a large, multi-disciplinary practice, PCS offers a broad range of outpatient services to children, adults, and families. We strive to fulfill our mission by working with people to contribute to their personal growth, helping them learn more about themselves as unique individuals, and leading them toward more productive and fulfilling lives.
  • Next Door Inc-2
    • Nashville TN 37202
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $10,001 - $15,000
    Next Door Inc-2
    The Next Door will equip women in crisis to develop lives of wholeness and hope. The Next Door provides a continuum of evidence based services for women and their families impacted by addiction, mental illness, trauma and/or incarceration with Christ-centered compassionate care. The Residential Treatment Program is a comprehensive, high intensity and structured inpatient treatment program where clients meet multiple hours each day during week days/nights and have continuous structured, yet less intensive, programming on weekends. Programming explores the underlying issues of mind, body and spirit that are associated with chemical dependency, co-occurring mental illness and trauma.
  • Excel Treatment Center1
    • Dover NJ 07801
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Excel Treatment Center1
    Decisions about health care are some of the most important choices we make for ourselves or our loved ones. At EXCEL, we take our responsibility to the client and their family seriously. We understand that when you or a loved one enters into one of our programs, you trust us to provide the best possible care. There are many good treatment providers in our area. So, why EXCEL. Simple. Every decision we make regarding your treatment revolves around what we feel is best for the client. We will work with you and your family to provide you with client care that will exceed all expectations. On behalf of all the staff at EXCEL, we look forward to the privilege of treating you.
  • Willow Place Of NC
    • Ashevile NC 28801
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Willow Place Of NC
    Willow Place focuses on combining several treatment modalities to suit the distinct needs of women in need of a specialized approach to treat the mental or emotional issues that may be underlying their substance abuse or complicated by the addiction. Specifically, we treat women with substance dependence, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders in need of long term mental health care and individualized dual disorder treatment plans.
  • Your First Step
    • Fort Lauderdale FL 33309
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Your First Step
    As men and women in recovery ourselves, we know how hard it can be to seek the help you need. We also know what a difference it can make in your life. With care and compassion, we can help connect you with an addiction rehabilitation center that best fits your individual needs. Our process is streamlined to be as stress-free as possible, and there is no cost for our services. We work with the best addiction rehabilitation centers in the United States, with the singular goal of helping you get the information and services you need. Whether you are ready for treatment or just seeking advice, you can ask us any questions and trust that you'll be treated with respect. All communication with us is confidential, and we welcome inquiries from friends and family members as well as those with addictions. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can help you get better.
  • Magnolia Creek Treatment Center For Eating Disorders
    • Columbiana AL 35051
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000
    Magnolia Creek Treatment Center For Eating Disorders
    Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Women treats women (18 years or older) who struggle with mood disorders, substance use disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment disorder, dissociative disorders, personality disorders and/or feeding or eating disorders, such as: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, other specified eating disorder, rumination disorder, pica, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, and/or unspecified eating disorder.
  • Horizon Healthcare Waukesha
    • Waukesha WI 53186
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Horizon Healthcare Waukesha
    It is estimated that at any given time, up to twenty million Americans are living with serious mental health or substance abuse disorders. Historically, many of these disorders went untreated and undiagnosed. However, in the past few years, new state-of-the-art, research-based services and supports have been developed. Significant research findings and empirical evidence demonstrate that disorders relating to mental health and substance use are treatable, chronic illnesses.People can and do recover from these illnesses. Millions of persons who could benefit from mental health services or substance abuse treatment do not get the care that could help them. At Horizon Healthcare, we have a passion for facilitating recovery for individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders. We are dedicated to helping each of our clients, one at a time, reclaim their lives and become fulfilling members of the community. Welcome to Horizon Healthcare, Inc. “Imagine and realize a new you, through a journey of self-discovery.”
  • Options Counseling Services - Rhinelander
    • Rhinelander WI 54501
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Options Counseling Services - Rhinelander
    Through many years of working with clients, Options’ staff members believe that the best counseling approach is one founded in respect, empathy and individuality. In our opinion, the “one size/program fits all” is wishful thinking among treatment providers. We know every person is unique and every family has its own manner of functioning. Through careful evaluation, we will identify OPTIONS for individuals and their family members. Suggestions and recommendations are offered in an atmosphere of honesty, humor and hope! During the treatment process, strength and coping skills are reviewed with each individual. Clients are strongly encouraged to make informed decisions regarding possible treatment OPTIONS and our treatment staff recognize that “timing can be everything”. Creative thinking with clients and others involved in their lives initiates a realistic treatment plan, which, in turn, will make change and recovery more likely. In addition, we find a solution-focused approach to be particularly helpful, even for those clients who have experienced previous treatment challenges.
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