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Sober Houses

The POM House
  • Lake Park FL 33403
  • Tel :
  • Per Week : $151 - $250
Serenity Lodge
  • Nicholson PA 18446
  • Tel :
  • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
Westport House | Sober Livng For Young Men
  • Westport CT 06880
  • Tel :
  • Per Week : $751 +
  • The Bridge
    • Delray Beach FL 33483
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    The Bridge is professionally managed and directed by a Licensed Psychotherapist and Interventionist. We have an extremely knowledgeable and professional staff with over 80 years of combined recovery. Our staff to resident ratio is unparalleled. The Bridge has encouraging and caring Residents Managers who live in their own apartments on property. The Bridge has a men’s location and a women’s location that are both in upscale neighborhoods and are conveniently located close to 12-Step meetings, job opportunities, shopping, and public transportation.
  • Cameron Villas
    • West Palm Beach FL 33406
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    Cameron Villas
    Cameron Villas is a transitional living recovery residence (sometimes referred to as a halfway house) designed to provide a safe and positive return to a sober, productive, and happy lifestyle. The first thirty to ninety days of recovery has proven to be a time vulnerable to relapse. It is crucial to provide those in early sobriety with the preventative measures proven to be successful in recovery. It is our contention that a dedicated effort is necessary after treatment to provide a smooth transition into a challenging environment. If you are convinced that a structured program of continued recovery is your goal, Cameron Villas will help. It is our goal to aid in transforming our residents into the best version of themselves possible- giving back the son that mothers and fathers have missed out on, and enabling growth that leads to an unimaginably bright and successful future.
  • New Beginnings North
    • Chicago IL 60640
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    New Beginnings North
    New Beginnings North Sober Living Home for Men is designed to be part of your long term drug rehabilitation, serving to strengthen your commitment to relapse prevention and provide tools to learn "A New Way of Living for a New Way of Life" in a safe, secure and supportive environment. New Beginnings North can provide you with the time and experience to practice the art of living sober. We offer a community of continued support within which to travel further along in your journey to a new way of life. Our program teaches residents how to apply the principles of AA into daily life to achieve long term sobriety. Throughout the process, we help our residents develop the personal tools needed to sustain life-long sobriety: active participation in the 12-step program, personal integrity, self-respect, accountability, honesty and self-sufficiency. We offer bi-weekly in-house 12 step meetings and are located near numerous outside meetings. We offer 6,000 square feet of beautiful living space for 22 men which features queen sized bedrooms, central air and heat, tumbled marble in the three custom maple kitchens, 3 dishwashers and 4 refrigerators, 7 bathrooms including 3 granite or marble master baths, heated granite floors in two baths and a skylight in one, three fireplaces, three sets of full size washers and dryers, three private 80 square foot decks, three 400 square foot living room/sunrooms and a spiral staircase.
  • Arch To Freedom1
    • Boynton Beach FL 33435
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    Arch To Freedom1
    Arch to Freedom is a structured sober living rooted in the 12 Step approach to recovery as we help our clients to create a new and healthy fellowship. The development of life skills like budgeting, resume building, job placement, physical activity and personal integrity are also extremely important. We are here to help teach and hold our clients accountable to the recovery process while integrating these necessary life skills. We look at the individual, then work together to set and achieve positive goals. At Arch to Freedom, we have an abundant and supportive community that will challenge and help our clients to become healthier and productive people. It is our mission that our clients have a challenging, nurturing and fun experience. Our mission is to promote the well-being of men in recovery from alcohol, drugs and other related behaviors by providing a safe, structured, independent sober living environment utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion. Our focus is to provide comfortable, quality living in surroundings conducive to abstinence, recovery and personal growth. Our goal is to create and maintain a sober atmosphere that supports confidence, self-worth and the motivation necessary for a healthy return to conventional living and mainstream society. While residing in a structured environment, house members are encouraged to build essential skills for reintegration into society and productive living.
  • Continuing Recovery Center
    • Irving IL 62051
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : Free
    Continuing Recovery Center
    We believe that although these men and women have decided to stop drinking and using, that this is only the beginning. Out of every thirty-five alcoholics and addicts, who have decided to stop drinking or using; only one is still sober after only one year. We believe this is due to their total inability to live in the world of reality. These men and women must learn to live sober. Treatment centers offer a safe, controlled environment in which alcoholics learn about their disease and how to understand it. This is very necessary; however we believe that the alcoholics and addicts only begin his or her recovery while in treatment. They must still learn to live and work in a society such as ours, without drinking and or using. They must learn to control their emotions without resorting to alcohol as a means of escape. They will learn that they, and only they, can help themselves—that we cannot do this for them and it is up to them. They must learn to want a new way of life, sober, more than anything else. And they must be willing to follow our program in order to make this a reality. Fees are based on individual circumstances. Curfews are 11:00pm on weekdays and 12:00am on Weekends. Wake up times are 7:30am. Family visitors are welcome on weekends.
  • Christopher House Of Lake Worth
    • Lake Worth FL 33460
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    Christopher House Of Lake Worth
    Our Mission at Christopher House of Lake Worth is to provide a safe, drug and alcohol free sober living environment where men can continue to grow and ease into society after treatment.
  • Support House Living
    • Martinez CA 94553
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $501 - $750
    Support House Living
  • Recovery Road Residence
    • Asheville NC 28806
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    Recovery Road Residence
    We know how difficult the journey to and through recovery for women can be without the proper tools and support but we KNOW women can succeed in their recovery. Recovery Road Residence can help women prepare for, address and overcome the many challenges they may face in active addiction and recovery. Together, we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. And, together, we can succeed. We look forward to helping you on your journey and to having you join the Recovery Road Residence family.
  • La Costa Solutions For Women
    • Carlsbad CA 92009
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $751 +
    La Costa Solutions For Women
    The years we have devoted to our addiction have caused much grief and wreckage. We have given away ourselves, our self-esteem and our confidence in the world. It is time to redeem these parts of ourselves that we so freely gave away. At La Costa Solutions for Women, we believe that by not drinking or using one day at a time, many doors will open to productive, happy lives. We offer a clean, sober and serene environment where women can focus on recovery and personal growth. We help residents seek solutions as they transition back into the mainstream of life; one step at a time, we find it is not as overwhelming as we may at first FEEL it is.
  • New View Homes
    • Scranton PA 18510
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $501 - $750
    New View Homes
  • Real Recovery Sober Living For Women
    • Sebastian FL 32958
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    Real Recovery Sober Living For Women
  • New Destiny Recovery House
    • Clinton OH 44216
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    New Destiny Recovery House
    As men go through treatment at New Destiny Treatment Center, they are faced with a dilemma... where to find housing? Some of them can return home, but there are many that absolutely have no place to reside. By making a Recovery Home possible, we will be able to assist a total of 34 men seeking housing after treatment. A safe environment out of the asphalt jungle will help men to be able to pray the serenity prayer and find it. Activity opportunities will be provided, as well as the possibility for anyone needing assistance with any area of treatment to find it available for them. Many times, individuals coming out of treatment do not have employment and lack funds to get their own apartment and function on their own. We will provide an opportunity for short-term housing (six months to a year) for clients to secure employment, save funds, and live in a drug-free environment. An opportunity to almost guarantee a life apart from addiction is our goal. Our facility will have workers that care and are concerned about everyone's individual recovery. No client will be just a number, but will be recognized as a person that will be working toward a goal to provide a better future for themselves. - Dr. Bolois
  • Shared Economy Housing
    • Crescent City CA 95531
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    Shared Economy Housing
    Jordan Recovery Centers are located in Northern California situated between the majestic redwoods and the beautiful Pacific Coast in Crescent City, California. We specialize in drug and alcohol treatment for both out patient and residential treatment programs. Our rates are amoung the lowest you will find and there are several payment options available. We offer you an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently; freeing you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Don’t wait another minute. Give us a call. We’ll give you an opportunity to meet with one of our staff and see if our practice is right for you. If you or someone you know needs treatment, or would like more information, you can reach our office at (707) 464-7849. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes. Call Now!
  • Grace House1
    • New Orleans LA 70125
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : Free
    Grace House1
    In January of 1985, Grace House was founded through a community-based grass-roots movement with an original capacity for six halfway house beds. The need was so great for substance abuse treatment among women that in less than a year it expanded to 15 beds. In 1996, in collaboration with Unity for the Homeless, Grace House was awarded a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and with additional funding from United Parcel Service and HUD, the organization was able to purchase and renovate a historic home on Delachaise Street. In January 1997, Grace House moved into this larger and newly renovated facility with an increased treatment capacity to 25 beds. Grace House has treated more than 2,000 women since opening its doors 25 years ago.
    • HOUSTON TX 77016
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    Pathway to Serenity Inc. is a transitional living facility committed to enhancing the lives of men in the Greater Houston area struggling with the disease of substance addiction by providing them with a structured living environment, in which they will receive education and training to improve both social and vocational skills as well as to rebuild self-respect thus leading to a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle and establish stronger foundation. Our staff will provide a stronger foundation for those men through teaching life skills, and provide supervision and direction in a positive non-institutional living environment.
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Sober Houses - FAQs

  • What is a sober house (a/k/a 3/4 house) and why are they important?

    A sober house, also called a ¾ house, recovery house, or transitional living facility houses individuals recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction in order for them to focus on their recovery. Its residents are individuals coming directly from rehabilitation or 12-step programs, halfway houses, inpatient treatment facilities or those who simply want to have a sober environment to aid them in their transition. Sober houses provide a valuable method in assisting individuals in their long-term recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, allowing recovering alcoholics and addicts a place to live a normal life while they continue their recovery.

  • What are common characteristics of a sober house?

    The following are the chief characteristics of a sober house:

    • Residents live in or work out provided they follow the house rules.
    • It promotes 12-Step programs
    • It has a secured, safe and competent structure intended for the long-term recovery of individuals.
    • It has a 24-hour house manager and staff that implement the programs and exercises close supervision.
  • What is the difference between a halfway house and a sober house?

    A sober house is an inexpensive drug and alcohol- free environment where the alcoholic or drug addict can obtain support from peer groups. In general, the rules at a halfway house are stricter than the rules at a sober house (sometimes called a 3/4 house). It provides a positive environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics to receive the emotional support they need from residents going through the same experiences. Experts agree that both halfway houses and sober houses (also referred to together as recovery housing or transitional living) are very important tools to use in one's lifelong recovery journey.

    A halfway house imposes strict regulations for its residents in order to mitigate the chances of relapse. Residents are required to sign the house rules contract that includes the policy against bringing alcoholic drinks and prohibited drugs, and requires the adherence to curfew and similar rules. Noncompliance to the house rules subjects a resident to removal from the halfway house.

  • What things should I look for in evaluating sober homes?
    • Safe, secure and drug-free. The sober house must have the necessary permit to ensure fire safety and building security. Unwarranted intrusions from outsiders must be eliminated. Alcohols and drugs should be strictly prohibited within the premises.
    • Strict, written rules and guidelines. This is to ensure that the residents will have a structured environment that will minimize the possibility of relapse.
    • Supportive staff available 24x7. There must be a manager or a staff member to answer the needs of the residents 24/7.
    • 12-Steps or comparable programs. Twelve Step programs are vital methods in alcoholism and drug addiction recovery. The residents must be trained to be accountable for their actions so that they will be able to cope up with the challenges that await them in the outside world.