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Sober Houses

Concord House
  • Blue Island IL 60406
  • Tel :
  • Per Week : $76 - $150
Journey Of Healing And Recovery
  • Delray Beach FL 33444
  • Tel :
  • Per Week : $151 - $250
Newfoundations Living
  • lake worth FL 33262
  • Tel :
  • Per Week : $151 - $250
  • The Bridge
    • Delray Beach FL 33483
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    The Bridge is professionally managed and directed by a Licensed Psychotherapist and Interventionist. We have an extremely knowledgeable and professional staff with over 80 years of combined recovery. Our staff to resident ratio is unparalleled. The Bridge has encouraging and caring Residents Managers who live in their own apartments on property. The Bridge has a men’s location and a women’s location that are both in upscale neighborhoods and are conveniently located close to 12-Step meetings, job opportunities, shopping, and public transportation.
  • Paces House
    • Denham Springs LA 70726
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    Paces House is a Sober Living residential home for females ages 18 and older who have completed at least a 28 day treatment program. It is a structured 12 Step based program. It is strictly a voluntary program for those who are not quiet ready to go out of the realm of structure and who are looking to add a little more foundation to their program. Time frame is based on each individual needs and desires. You have the luxury of fellowship both within the house and through outside meetings. Drug screens are done on an individual and/or random basis. We do work with those that are on probation or that may be in drug court.
  • Serene Center Long Beach
    • Long Beach CA 90802
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $251 - $325
    Serene Center is a continued care transitional sober living community for alcoholics and addicts in early recovery that wish to transition into a fulfilling lifestyle without cravings for addictive substances. We help people help themselves to a better quality of life through certified therapy, education, and balanced center living guidance.
  • Nannyrose A Sober Living Home
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $501 - $750
    Nanny Rose is based on the solid 12-Step principles made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. However, unlike in-patient rehabs, we do not require that our clients give up every facet of their lives. Most importantly, their employment. Keeping a job, and furthering your treatment will help you recover and also help you with other needs as well. When you exit Nanny Rose Sober Living Home, holding one down and/or attending treatment while you are here brings you one step closer to living a healthy, happy, sober life. The challenge you face now is to take back the steering wheel and begin to recover. NannyRose is a working sober house, that re-establishes healthy habits in the recovering alcoholic/addict. NR supports clients in making changes in their values, skills, life roles, and self image. As a result of these changes they see themselves as the person they are, and are able to live rich, rewarding lives.
  • Sanctuary Recovery Residences
    • Greenville RI 02828
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    The Sanctuary will endeavor to provide safe, substance free, affordable, and supportive housing environments for individuals recovering from substance use disorders who wish to establish and maintain long term sobriety and to develop the skills and insight necessary to be positive, responsible, and productive members of society. The Sanctuary strives to manage its residences ethically, honestly, and professionally. The Sanctuary residences foster a sense of home and community and offer a guest security and stability. The Sanctuary residences encourage the transition to independent living by providing a recovery environment that advances the belief that “the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel”.
  • I-Kare Of South Florida Transitional Living, Inc.
    • West Palm Beach FL 33407
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
  • Boca House11
    • Boca Raton FL 33432
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : Free
  • The Red Lotus House
    • Kerrville TX 78028
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    We offer sober living and an 8 week intensive outpatient program for adult females only who are residents of Lotus House sober living. Please visit us online at
  • Isaiah House
    • Ellijay GA 30540
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    Isaiah House is transitional housing for men. Isaiah House exists to help men with life controlling issues, such as drug and alcohol addictions as well as other issues by providing a healthy, balanced, structured environment for the whole man, addressing spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and legal issues. Our goal is to provide a safe dwelling place for recovery, healing, transformation, and instilling tools to break destructive patterns and habits, begin making right choices, set goals, restore broken relationships, gain employment, and obtain independent housing and living a disciplined abundant life.
  • The Nextep
    • Fort Myers FL 33919
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : Free
    Our community is conducive for developing a personalized plan of recovery to gain self-confidence, build and maintain family relationships, acquire stable employment, and return to life with an entirely new lifestyle and approach to living.
  • Halfway To Home
    • Chicago IL 60660
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    We provide a bridge between treatment and independent living where you can develop the skills you need to succeed. Our aim is to create a community of brothers where friendship and 12-step fellowship are central
  • Chapter 5 Recovery
    • Prescott, AZ 86305
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $3,501 - $5,000
    Chapter 5 is one of Arizona's top licensed substance abuse rehabilitation centers for those who seek Partial Hospitalization Programming, Intensive Outpatient Treatment or Outpatient Treatment and/or Structured Residential Sober Living. Our goal is to help those who are serious about their recovery and we have a large number of alumni who have achieved long-term sobriety.At Chapter 5, feelings are valued, shared freely and explored fully without fear of physical, verbal or emotional confrontation. We support success in all areas of our lives, with constant focus on the spiritual, physical and emotional growth of our Guests. We upgrade. We progress. We live by a higher standard.

    Some of the insurance providers accepted by this rehab:

  • Saving Grace Recovery House
    • North Miami FL 33161
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    You've been through a lot and are just starting to feel like things might be alright. Saving Grace House will give you the support you need to build a solid foundation for recovery. We have 25 years experience in guiding and supporting men in how to live sober happy lives. It’s about learning to live life on life’s terms, and doing it with integrity. It's about becoming independent and learning that life can be rewarding and fun without alcohol and drugs. In our structured environment, you’ll attend meetings; attend after care along with counseling All of this can be achieved with the support of peers, expert staff, and a recovery program grounded in 12-step principles and a Power Greater than yourself. We invite you to become one of the men who pass through our doors, to exit to a life that is happy and usefully whole. We offer sober housing in a centrally located areas of Dade and Broward Counties, close to meetings, jobs, public transportation and the Beach. We require involvement in 12 step programs and conduct random drug and alcohol testing. We are dedicated to assisting our residents in every way possible, to achieve a productive and successful livelihood while at Saving Grace House. We reserve the right to be selective in our screening process and are interested in residents who are motivated and serious about their recovery.
  • Womens Odyssey
    • Canoga Park CA 91306
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $1 - $1,000
    Women’s Odyssey was founded as a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exempt corporation in 1974. The Women’s Odyssey House has an active Alumni Association, a dedicated Board of Directors and enthusiastic support from the Judiciary and the General Recovery Community.
  • Tiger Mountain Recovery
    • Henryetta OK 74437
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $5,001 - $10,000
    Women’s only residential programming for substance abuse is held exclusively at Tiger Mountain Lodge which is 6,000 sq ft – sits on a private 25 acre lake and has a 10 client capacity. That is ultimately important for exclusive ability to reflect and recover in an atmosphere that promotes health and well-being. Programing is based on accountability and authentic desire for recovery that is wrapped around the Equine therapeutic model based on the 12 Steps of Recovery.
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Sober Houses - FAQs

  • What is a sober house (a/k/a 3/4 house) and why are they important?

    A sober house, also called a ¾ house, recovery house, or transitional living facility houses individuals recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction in order for them to focus on their recovery. Its residents are individuals coming directly from rehabilitation or 12-step programs, halfway houses, inpatient treatment facilities or those who simply want to have a sober environment to aid them in their transition. Sober houses provide a valuable method in assisting individuals in their long-term recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, allowing recovering alcoholics and addicts a place to live a normal life while they continue their recovery.

  • What are common characteristics of a sober house?

    The following are the chief characteristics of a sober house:

    • Residents live in or work out provided they follow the house rules.
    • It promotes 12-Step programs
    • It has a secured, safe and competent structure intended for the long-term recovery of individuals.
    • It has a 24-hour house manager and staff that implement the programs and exercises close supervision.
  • What is the difference between a halfway house and a sober house?

    A sober house is an inexpensive drug and alcohol- free environment where the alcoholic or drug addict can obtain support from peer groups. In general, the rules at a halfway house are stricter than the rules at a sober house (sometimes called a 3/4 house). It provides a positive environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics to receive the emotional support they need from residents going through the same experiences. Experts agree that both halfway houses and sober houses (also referred to together as recovery housing or transitional living) are very important tools to use in one's lifelong recovery journey.

    A halfway house imposes strict regulations for its residents in order to mitigate the chances of relapse. Residents are required to sign the house rules contract that includes the policy against bringing alcoholic drinks and prohibited drugs, and requires the adherence to curfew and similar rules. Noncompliance to the house rules subjects a resident to removal from the halfway house.

  • What things should I look for in evaluating sober homes?
    • Safe, secure and drug-free. The sober house must have the necessary permit to ensure fire safety and building security. Unwarranted intrusions from outsiders must be eliminated. Alcohols and drugs should be strictly prohibited within the premises.
    • Strict, written rules and guidelines. This is to ensure that the residents will have a structured environment that will minimize the possibility of relapse.
    • Supportive staff available 24x7. There must be a manager or a staff member to answer the needs of the residents 24/7.
    • 12-Steps or comparable programs. Twelve Step programs are vital methods in alcoholism and drug addiction recovery. The residents must be trained to be accountable for their actions so that they will be able to cope up with the challenges that await them in the outside world.