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The Mansion Sober Living For Women
  • The Mansion Sober Living For Women
    The Mansion Sober House in New Haven Connecticut, formerly Spiritual Gardens, helps women discover the underlying causes of their addiction and to develop new coping strategies, interpersonal skills and self-esteem using the principals of the 12-step program of recovery. Each day is structured around 12-step meetings, group therapy, exercise and fellowship both in the mansion and in the surrounding community.
  • Seaside House
    • Jupiter FL 33469
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : Free
    Seaside House
    We know how difficult it can be when transitioning from the "safety" of primary treatment to the next phase of the recovery process. We'd like to give you some things to consider so that there is more confidence and faith in our process over the months to come. Our purpose at Seaside House is to show and teach your son how to do everything sober - that being sober makes life better and that long-term recovery is not only possible, but certain if he follows the path that we and many others have taken before him. Content Image Upon arrival, recovery activities such as 12-step meetings, sponsorship, and meditation come before everything else. As your son starts to progress, we will encourage him to get a job or apply to school. We want your son to get grounded first, and then he can enjoy the productive life that comes along with sobriety. We believe that your son should be given a chance to be happy, joyous, and free and have the independence and freedom a young man deserves.
  • Freedom House111
    • Clinton NJ 08801
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $1,001 - $3,500
    Freedom House111
    The residential drug and alcohol treatment program for men at Freedom House represents a unique model for long term residential treatment and recovery. Our no nonsense, highly structured and disciplined long term drug rehabilitation and residential alcohol treatment program operates in a halfway house setting while providing individual, group, and family counseling, room and board, and transportation to work, court appearances, and other necessary functions. Residents are required to adhere to the house schedule at all times and may earn special privileges such as a weekend pass or a single-man room based on performance. Additionally, they must pay half of their net income toward the cost of room and board, and saving one-third of their pay toward independent housing once their in-house drug and alcoholism addiction treatment is completed. Any remaining money must be used to pay child support (if applicable), fines, etc. The residential drug and alcohol treatment program at Freedom House is implemented in phases. Residents enter the program in Phase I, which is highly structured and disciplined. Through performance-driven incentives, residents are then able to migrate to Phase II, which is less structured and disciplined. After graduation from the halfway house, residents enter Phase III (transitional living programs), which is peer-driven independent living and offers the highest level of recovery. The average length of stay in Phase I and Phase II is approximately 9 to 12 months, with a full term through all three phases being 18-24 months. Our long term residential treatment program is especially suited for men that have tried and failed at other residential drug treatment or halfway house programs. The phased program at Freedom House, where residents’ actions are closely monitored and any privileges must be earned, restores the Faith that positive change can come about, instills the Hope for a better tomorrow, and the trust that the recovery process works!
  • Stepping Stones-Cerro Vista
    • Huntsville AL 35805
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    Stepping Stones-Cerro Vista
    Stepping Stones provides supportive, affordable housing for individuals recovering from chemical dependency in Madison County. By promoting independence and personal responsibility, we mitigate relapse in substance abusers. Each house is self-run by residents according to the Oxford model. The goal of Stepping Stones is to ensure every recovering individual in the Huntsville area has access to quality housing and a supportive environment including access to employment.
  • The Grr Cottages
    • Wabasso FL 32958
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $5,001 - $10,000
    The Grr Cottages
  • Nova Counseling Services Inc
    • Oshkosh WI 54901
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $5,001 - $10,000
    Nova Counseling Services Inc
    Treatment at Nova is for individuals who have lost control of their lives and need a safe, structured environment to learn about their addiction. At Nova, we provide therapy to change the behaviors that accompany chemical dependency. Our compassionate, dedicated staff includes counselors who have personally suffered from addiction.
  • Discovery House Of Delray Beach
    • Delray Beach FL 33483
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    Discovery House Of Delray Beach
    We offer a safe, alcohol and drug free environment where men can discover that there are solutions to substance abuse and understand why they began using in the first place. Discovery House is dedicated to facilitate emotional, and spiritual growth for every client. We are located in historic downtown Delray Beach, within walking distance of AA and NA meetings as well as public transportation. Discovery House is also close to stores, supermarkets, and the beach. We welcome men of all ages and backgrounds.
  • The Beaches Treatment Center/New Foundations Living
    • Lake Worth FL 33462
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    The Beaches Treatment Center/New Foundations Living
    f your looking for safe clean supportive sober living i have the community for you instrumentation to your recovery .We are not head hunting looking to fill beds we are looking for the clients that want to recover and except the suggestions that were given to us as well.We are small 23 beds within 3 five bedroom houses we can recognize relapses behaviors before the relapse.Our homes have a pool gym transportation to 5 meeting a week washer dryers we supplies all laundry detergent paper towels and so on we have a pool and gym barbecues HBO and free wiff at each home also a carrying staff on site at all times we have a life coach that comes in and helps with resumes and job placement.We can assist you with food stamps.Weekely rent is between 150.00 and 175.00.I can also help you if your seeking after care IOP/OP.I will work with everyone if you are the right fit for our community. come to the recovery capital of the world!
  • Mesa County Criminal Justice Services
    • Grand Junction CO 81501
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $3,501 - $5,000
    Mesa County Criminal Justice Services
    Mesa County Criminal Justices Services, Treatment and Education Division provides on-site programming that is offender specific and encourages personal responsibility. Innovative programs will be provided in a professional manner and providers will be credible and respected leaders within the treatment community. In order to reduce criminal behavior and promote community safety, communication between treatment providers and supervising agencies must be open and services must be cognitive based and focus on skills leading to growth and change. CJSD offers treatment and education classes to address the need for change. We provide services to adults from the community or the criminal justice system. All programs offered by CJSD are evidence-based, using cognitive-behavior modalities of treatment and education that have been proven to be effective in changing behavior. The program also offers gender specific services. Because we understand the importance for individuals to have access to program services, we offer a sliding scale fee based on the individual’s ability to pay, including services to those who are indigent. Services offered include: Domestic Violence Treatment Sex Offender Treatment Substance Abuse Treatment Outpatient Treatment Inpatient Treatment Aftercare Services Life Skills Problem Solving Skills Cognitive Restructuring Anger Management
  • West Hills Lodge Womens Program
    • Northfield MN 55057
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : Free
    West Hills Lodge Womens Program
  • Jax Sober Living Halfway House1
    • Jacksonville Beach FL 32250
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    Jax Sober Living Halfway House1
    Our women's transitional living home in Jacksonville Beach was established to help women in recovery focus on their journey to living a clean and sober life without distraction. Residential treatment is just the beginning of recovery. Transitioning to the real world via a sober living home offers a safe, sober environment where women in recovery are encouraged to foster healthy coping skills and create daily habits that prevent relapse. Participation in normal daily routines such as meal planning, house cleaning and 12-step meetings play an integral role in sustaining a life of sobriety. Our recovery residence for women in Jacksonville Beach provides this structure. Additionally, it holds them accountable for being responsible and remaining clean and sober. Supervised by a female live-in house manager, it is a stable sober living home where women in recovery work together using what they have learned in treatment to prepare them for the real world. Our residents are supported by staff, and also by each other as they work through personal challenges during their recovery…one step at a time, one day at a time. All rooms are comfortably furnished, and the kitchen is fully equipped. Jax Sober Living Halfway House provides women in recovery a safe place where they feel “at home.” During their stay, our residents are encouraged to seek self-sufficiency, to be responsible, and to continue in personal growth and improvement. In addition to operating this Recovery Residence for Women, Sober Living Halfway House also operates two sober living homes for men.
  • Changing Gaits Inc
    • Brook Park MN 55007
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    Changing Gaits Inc
    see us at www.changinggaitsinc.org
  • Step Two
    • Reno NV 89512
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Step Two
    STEP2 is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program that provides women and their children suffering from chemical addiction, poverty and domestic violence the opportunity to rebuild their lives. The result is self-sufficient healthy families
  • Arapahoe House
    • Wheat Ridge CO 80033
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $10,001 - $15,000
    Arapahoe House
    Arapahoe House offers comprehensive, 24-hour care for adolescents and adults with severe substance use disorders. Our intensive residential alcohol & drug treatment programs in Colorado provide a flexible length of stay and individualized care. These services are designed for those clients whose treatment in a less restrictive setting would be unlikely to result in changes in attitude and motivation sufficient to maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Its focus is on stabilization and preparing for ongoing treatment in a lower level of care, such as day treatment or outpatient services.
  • Design For Living 1 Llc
    • Baton Rouge LA 70808
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    Design For Living 1 Llc
    Our Sober Living homes offer the recovering addict/alcoholic a place to reconstruct their day-to-day lives as they learn to re-acclimate with society after their initial rehabilitation program is complete.
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Halfway Houses - FAQs

  • What is a halfway house (also spelled half way house)?

    A halfway house is a facility that accommodates individuals battling alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness and similar disorders. Some half way houses may specialize in different areas, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, or released prisoners. The court may order residency in a halfway house for individuals on parole, probation or those who are recently released. Some prisoners need to condition themselves in a supervised setting before going back to the normal world outside the prison.

    A halfway house imposes strict regulations for its residents in order to mitigate the chances of relapse. Residents are required to sign the house rules contract that includes the policy against bringing alcoholic drinks and prohibited drugs, and requires the adherence to curfew and similar rules. Noncompliance to the house rules subjects a resident to removal from the halfway house.

  • What is the difference between a halfway house and a sober house?

    A sober house is an inexpensive drug and alcohol- free environment where the alcoholic or drug addict can obtain support from peer groups. In general, the rules at a halfway house are stricter than the rules at a sober house (sometimes called a 3/4 house).It provides a positive environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics to receive the emotional support they need from residents going through the same experiences. Experts agree that both halfway houses and sober houses (also referred to together as recovery housing or transitional living) are very important tools to use in one's lifelong recovery journey.

    A halfway house imposes strict regulations for its residents in order to mitigate the chances of relapse. Residents are required to sign the house rules contract that includes the policy against bringing alcoholic drinks and prohibited drugs, and requires the adherence to curfew and similar rules. Noncompliance to the house rules subjects a resident to removal from the halfway house.

    Figure 1. Traits of residents in a halfway house.