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Alternative Treatment

  • White Sands Treatment Center
    • Fort Myers FL 33907
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000
    White Sands Treatment Center
    Find your path to freedom at White Sands Drug Treatment Center and Alcohol Rehab. No matter how deeply drug addiction or alcoholism has affected your life and the lives of those you love, White Sands Detox and Recovery Center can help you find your way back to sobriety and a long-term recovery. Located in sunny Fort Myers on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, White Sands Rehab Center provides a tranquil, healing environment that enhances the recovery process and promotes emotional and physical well-being. At White Sands Drug and Alcohol Rehab Florida Treatment Program, we take a comprehensive approach to rehab and recovery, and treat each of our clients with great care and understanding. We take the time to fully understand each individual’s unique journey to addiction, and then guide them back to sobriety through a combination of tailored therapies and a range of treatment programs, including: Medical Detoxification,InPatient Rehabilitation, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Individualized Programs,Alternative Treatment and more.
  • Narconon Gulf Coast Inc
    • Destin FL 32541
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000
    Narconon Gulf Coast Inc
    The Gulf Coast addiction treatment plan uses a series of proven, standardized steps that have a high success rate. Using these steps in sequence provide the person recovering from drug addition the tools he or she needs to detox from the drug, understand the causes of the addiction and create a plan to stay drug and alcohol free going forward. By following this program, the person addicted to drugs or alcohol can find healing and hope for a life free from addiction. Getting into an addiction rehab program is the best way to end the cycle of addiction and live a drug-free life. If you or a loved one struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, we are here to help. Our helpline counselors are available to take your calls and answer questions about drug and alcohol addiction and treatment options. Our certified and professional treatment counselors are waiting to help you get started. For more information on our beautiful Florida addiction treatment facility, and or any of our programs, please contact Gulf Coast Drug Rehab 1-888-248-0792
  • Capo By The Sea
    • Dana Point CA 92624
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Capo By The Sea
    Capo by the Sea is an exclusive drug addiction and alcohol rehab center offering customized recovery programs using the very best techniques in addiction medicine. Our goal is to support the chemically dependent person as he or she roots out the underlying causes of drug or alcohol use, and model the path to recovery. We offer several alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, including drug interventions, residential detox centers, alcohol rehab, heroin treatment, outpatient drug treatment, and executive treatment.
  • RECO Intensive
    • Delray Beach FL 33483
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $10,001 - $15,000
    RECO Intensive
    RECO Intensive Outpatient Program's mission serves to restore light and color to the lives of those suffering from addiction. Through our experiential and comprehensive treatment solutions, we aim to provide a secure, respectful, and empathetic environment in which clients can truly recover. Employing our expertise in addiction treatment, we work with clients and their families to foster a renewed capacity for healing, to rebuild relationships, and to create a blueprint for a better life.  
  • Sagebrush Treatment Inc
    • Great Falls VA 22066
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Sagebrush Treatment Inc
    The start of a new life begins with reaching out. We encourage those who are facing addiction or who have a family member who is struggling with substance abuse to contact us to begin the admissions process. Sagebrush will work with you to handle the travel arrangements, discuss what you’ll need to bring to treatment and answer all your questions. Financial arrangements, dates of availability and other pertinent information can be discussed during the initial phone consultation. Upon arrival at Sagebrush, our treatment team conducts a comprehensive assessment to identify current and ongoing needs. An individualized treatment plan will be developed with input from all of our expert therapists. Treatment to include individual, couples and/or family therapy, multi-family therapy, and a multitude of group therapies will commence. There are many programs you can participate in, ranging from outpatient to inpatient care. Length of time spent in treatment depends upon the client’s process and the recommendation of the clinical team. If medical detoxification is warranted based on our initial assessment, clients will be assisted in making arrangements to receive detox services to ease withdrawl symptoms.
  • Azure Acres-CRC Health
    • Sebastopol CA 95472
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Azure Acres-CRC Health
    Azure Acres Recovery Center is a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Northern California. Situated in a historic lodge in the woods of Sebastopol, California, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment in an intimate, 28-bed setting. Whether you need detox, residential or outpatient care, we offer a 12 Step-based addiction treatment program to guide you into long-term recovery. What sets us apart as one of the best drug rehab centers in Northern California is our dedicated staff. Our treatment team is made up of certified drug and alcohol counselors,down-to-earth staff, nearly all of whom have experienced addiction recovery in their own lives.
  • Aton Center Inc
    • Encinitas CA 92024
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Aton Center Inc
    Our goal is sobriety first and foremost! At AToN we recognize alcoholism and addiction as profound diseases that impair a person’s functioning, and over time, destroy their quality of life. It is our mission to provide an opportunity for these individuals to find recovery, while restoring their balance, and equipping them with the tools necessary to live healthy and substance-free lives. AToN is unique in that we offer an integrated approach, providing each client with exposure to a broad scope of recovery services, encompassing the best practices in the fields of psychology and chemical dependency. In addition to holistic methods, individual therapies, alternative treatment methods, and medical interventions. AToN also integrates 12 Step and SMART model principles. We nurture the mind and body by offering nutritious, organic cuisine, and holistic services including massage, acupuncture, energy healing, hypnotherapy, yoga, and personal training. Our treatment planning reflects our commitment to truly individualized care of the resident and their family. The AToN Center is a completely private and intimate estate nestled in the hills between the Pacific Ocean and the upscale neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County. The two luxurious acres of hilltop land are fully landscaped with tropical and subtropical flowering trees and shrubs. Expansive gardens and private decks have views of the nearby coast and surrounding mountains. Other highlights include a glassed-in gym, saltwater pool and spa, cabana, fountains, barbecue, fire pit, multi-jet outdoor shower, and a sauna with a 360-degree view. There is a capacity for six clients, assuring individualized attention with a staff ratio of 3:1, with private suites available.
  • Abbas Haven
    • Sarasota FL 34276
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    Abbas Haven
    We provide Zero Tolerance, Drug and Alcohol Free Christian transitional homes to those men who need help to see they have HOPE AND A BRIGHT FUTURE.
  • Azure Acres Recovery Center
    • Sacramento CA 95841
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Azure Acres Recovery Center
    At Azure Acres, we are proud to be able to provide a wide range of levels of care and treatment options. Our Intensive Outpatient Program, located in Sacramento and Santa Rosa, CA, offer a different level of care than our inpatient residential program. Many people can begin recovery at this level of treatment while continuing employment and fulfilling other daily responsibilities. For others it offers a therapeutic continuum of care after transitioning from Detox, Residential and Partial Hospitalization programs. Some IOP participants are in the early stages of addiction, while others may have struggled with their disease for decades. The intensive outpatient program blends the best in individual treatment planning by incorporating both traditional and holistic therapies. The program itself is comprised of a mix of education and written assignments that will help improve awareness, motivation, insights and more. It is our goal to help you maintain your long-term recovery through our intensive outpatient program here at Azure Acres.
  • Redwood Cliffs Drug Rehab
    • Watsonville CA 95076
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Redwood Cliffs Drug Rehab
    The Narconon Redwood Cliffs program is entirely drug-free, meaning that the program does not use drugs or medications to treat addiction. While this may sound obvious, most drug rehab programs use medication in an attempt to manage and treat “disorders” that the patient has. Our philosophy is that you don’t solve a drug problem with more drugs. Instead, we address the very basics of a person’s health through proper nutrition, supplements, light exercise and other natural remedies. The Narconon program is neither psychiatric nor medical, but rather a social-education model of rehabilitation. Persons enrolling in the program must receive a complete physical by a qualified M.D. whose purpose is to evaluate and ensure the safety of the addict, and ensure they are medically qualified. Narconon clients are not considered or treated as “patients” but as “students” who are learning to regain control of their lives. This is an important distinction. A student at Narconon does not attempt to treat an “illness”; but instead the focus is on getting health back while learning about life and gaining new abilities and tools that can prevent life from going down the wrong path again. Graduating students are provided with “re-entry” programs to follow as they start their new lives. While support through positive people is always encouraged, the full Narconon drug rehabilitation program is intended to bring about people who can stand on their own feet and live drug-free, ethical lives thereafter. A Narconon graduate has the tools needed to survive and is not required to go to weekly meetings for months after completion, nor does he describe himself as “recovering” endlessly. A student who has graduated from the Narconon program has completed a specific result. He or she has regained their health, realized how their life went wrong, confronted and addressed these issues and learned new tools for living a happy life without drugs. Once this is done, if the student uses the tools he has learned, a Narconon graduate can stay well. The premise of the Narconon model is that a former addict can achieve a brand new life. This is not just theoretical. This goal is routinely achieved every single day at Redwood Cliffs and there are tens of thousands of graduates who will swear by it. If graduates do run into serious difficulties, they can return to Narconon Redwood Cliffs where they inevitably find a specific part of the program that they earlier failed to fully understand or could not apply in the travails of daily life. The Narconon program routinely takes three to five months to complete. During this time, some might consider the Narconon program a “therapeutic community,” but it would be more appropriate to say that Narconon students are going “back to school”--this time to get real tools for leading a happy and successful life.
  • Black Bear Lodge
    • Sautee GA 30571
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000
    Black Bear Lodge
    At Black Bear Lodge, we specialize in treating both addiction and mental health conditions in the same setting. Our residential treatment program is structured to address a person’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs, creating the foundation for lifelong recovery.
  • Meadows
    • Wickenburg AZ 85390
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Nestled in the serene Sonoran Desert, our holistic approach to healing focuses on the whole person, including the underlying issues that impact a person’s well-being. Our Senior Fellows are some of the nation’s top addiction and recovery experts, and provide direction, consultation and training to our staff. The Senior Fellows, led by Pia Mellody, work together to ensure that The Meadows Model is the most clinically comprehensive and nurturing program available today. Our ongoing research on the effects of trauma on the brain provides The Meadows with cutting edge treatment methods. We believe that successful treatment combines powerful and unique methodologies that enable support, discovery and healing. Since each patient comes to The Meadows with a story, our staff works to create unique patient treatment plans that combine multiple therapies to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth. We provide a number of therapies, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Experiencing (SE), Equine Therapy, Expressive Arts, Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and Mindfulness Meditation. COMMITMENT TO PATIENT CARE The Meadows’ executive team, lead by CEO Jim Dredge, understands a program’s effectiveness lies in its staff’s interactions with each and every client. “Because of this,” he states, “I believe that we have the most talented and professional staff in the business. Many of our staff have experienced portions of the issues that our clients are going through, and they understand and can identify with our clients’ concerns.” “I believe that this adds to the atmosphere of acceptance and respect that our clients feel when they arrive and during their entire stay with us,” Dredge said. “Our staff changes people’s lives.”
  • Footprints Beachside Recovery
    • Treasure Island FL 33706
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $5,001 - $10,000
    Footprints Beachside Recovery
    Footprints Beachside Recovery Center is a small, private, drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located along Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast in the beach community of Treasure Island. A true tranquil and comfortable atmosphere for people who deserve the highest quality professional treatment in their effort to achieve life-long sobriety from alcohol and drugs. Our small size and scenic location provides the perfect intimate setting to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Many other high-end treatment centers are rooted in outdated methods that often fail to keep people drug-free. Many of these programs fail to use proven methods to deal with the factors that underlie addiction and set off relapse. People with a chronic form of addiction need multimodal treatment that is individualized and offered continuously or intermittently for as long as they need. Our treatment programs have been scientifically proven to be effective. In fact, our programs are listed on the prestigious National Registry of Effective Programs, a gold standard list administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Footprints believes that just as you wouldn't go to a doctor or hospital to receive a treatment or medication that hasn't been thoroughly tested and proven; you should not receive treatment or rehab for your substance use issue that hasn't been equally proven.
  • Fonthill Behavioral Health
    • Bloomington IN 47408
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Fonthill Behavioral Health
  • Holistic Recovery Center
    • North Miami Beach FL 33169
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Holistic Recovery Center
    Holistic Recovery Centers is a Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Facility, treating both Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Holistic Recovery Centers proudly offers one of the top Holistic Treatment Programs for drug & alcohol addiction. Our goal is to utilize modern treatment modalities, alongside holistic treatment methods, to achieve our ultimate goal of long-lasting recovery from drugs & alcohol. Holistic Recovery Centers is Joint Commission Accredited (JCAHO) & certified by The Department of Children and Families (DCF). Treatment at Holistic Recovery Center is centered on the understanding that individuals battling addictions are people who need a wide-ranging treatment program for their entire being. The probability of sustaining lifelong recovery is substantially greater when treatment services are individualized and implemented. We maximize this probability by tailoring each clients' treatment plan, and providing as many therapeutic services as possible, so each client can restore and balance his or her mind, body, and spirit. We are a Residential (RTC), Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Outpatient (OP) treatment provider. The HRC experience is none like you have seen before, as we offer: Evidence Based Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Equine Therapy, Canine Assisted Therapy, Spirituality & Kabbalah, Theta Healing, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Crisis Intervention and Trauma Informed Groups, Motivation Enhancement Therapy, Nutrition and Wellness, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Neurofeedback through Brainpaint, and nightly NA/AA/CA/ meetings as well as Smart Recovery & Celebrate Recovery. Our Miami location offers a beautiful setting for clients to reside in while in treatment. We provide fully furnished luxurious housing that is equipped with flat screen TV's, cable, microwaves, and all the other amenities to make you feel at home during your stay.
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