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Alternative Drug Rehab Programs in Maryland - Page 1 - 5 results

  • Serenity Acres Treatment Center LLC
    • Crownsville MD 21032
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000
    Serenity Acres Treatment Center LLC
    We believe that overcoming addiction involves treating the mind, body, and spirit. Serenity Acres provides treatment for imbalances in the body and mind, and focuses on helping maintain a healthy lifestyle free of addiction. Although addiction has common characteristics and behavior patterns associated with it, each person suffering from addiction is unique and should be treated as such. Our treatment options and plans are as different as the patients we treat. We offer state of the art treatment options, and incorporate Eastern and Western medicine along with proven therapies to provide the very best for our patients. Because addiction is often caused by underlying emotional or mental issues, we treat not only the addiction, but the underlying causes. This creates a new way for our patients to see life and their role in the world. The types of therapies and treatments that are provided are individually designed for each patient to ensure that they are getting the most effective care for their particular needs. We do not follow a “cookie cutter” approach to treatment like most treatment centers. We follow and encourage the twelve step treatment plan, along with group and individual therapies, holistic medicine, our sauna therapy program, and recreational therapy. Our belief is that a structured yet customizable program is the best way for our patients to begin a lasting recovery. Patients are encouraged to participate in the activities and therapies that will most help them recover. Because recovery is a journey that affects the whole family, we also offer well-rounded family therapy sessions. We believe that the more support and understanding a patient has, the greater their chances for success at recovery.
  • Kolmac Clinic-1
    • Columbia MD 21044
    • Tel :
    Kolmac Clinic-1
  • Kolmac Clinic-4
    • Towson MD 21204
    • Tel :
    Kolmac Clinic-4
  • Kolmac Clinic-3
    • Silver Spring MD 20910
    • Tel :
    Kolmac Clinic-3
  • Kolmac Clinic-2
    • Gaithersburg MD 20877
    • Tel :
    Kolmac Clinic-2