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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers in Georgia - Page 1 - 338 results

Infinite Recovery
  • Austin TX 78752
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  • Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000
  • Infinite Recovery
    The mission of Infinite Recovery is to provide world-class treatment while honoring the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of all people recovering from the devastation of addiction. Those with experience in addiction know it is a maddening disease. While addiction is not a moral failure, it destroys our values and snares us in a cycle of selfishness and deceit. Yet those trapped in addiction often have underlying wounds that have never healed and experience a tremendous amount of shame and isolation.
  • Discovery Course Ltd 1
    • Duluth GA 30096
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $5,001 - $10,000
    Discovery Course Ltd 1
    Discovery House offers a long term residential recovery opportunity. Our goal is to comfortably and safely guide you through your recovery. Since recovery is not a one size fits all process, discovery house has developed unique relationships with various treatment providers in order to provide the best possible treatment options. We assess all residents for the need for ongoing treatment services and refer them to counseling and/or outpatient treatment services in the community. There are many options, please call an intake coordinator to see if we can help you find your path to recovery. Tai Chi and yoga used at Discovery House to support drug rehabilitation because it offers you another method of getting in touch with your inner, true self. The end result produced by Tai Chi and yoga is a mental and physical calmness, generated ina a completely natural way. They also help keep emotions more in balance, reducing the need to succumb to unhealthy coping techniques such as addiction. The ability to handle stress improves as does the sense of feeling more centered and grounded in order to handle life’s challenges. A combination of exercise and spa heat therapy in conjunction with safe vitamin and mineral supplements help our clients reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol and return to feeling calm, clear and centered. Supervised medically prescribed opiate taper program designed to reduce the withdrawal effects of abruptly stopping drug use. Certain prescription medications and alcohol may require inpatient detoxification during this phase.
  • Christian Family Center
    • Soperton GA 30457
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    • Per Month : $1 - $1,000
    Christian Family Center
    "Welcome to The Christian Family Center" The Christian Family Center is a non-profit, Christian based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for men seeking deliverance from the bondage of addiction. Our Purpose Our purpose is to help men through Jesus Christ recover from drug and alcohol abuse, plus the everyday stress of living. We know that men everywhere struggle with addiction, relationships, family, employment, shame, guilt, depression, etc. We can help!
  • Dawson County DUI DDC And Education Center
    • Dawsonville GA 30534
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    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Dawson County DUI DDC And Education Center
    Evaluation Alcohol and Drug, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Cognitive Skills/Impulse Control, Mental Health Alcohol and Drug Education Basic education on biological risk factors of addiction, substance abuse vs. dependence, and what is considered low risk based on one’s biology. The curriculum includes medical aspects of addiction/abuse, disease concept, impact of substance abuse on the family, introduction to self-help groups, ect Certified Clinical Evaluations and Treatment Providers State certified Clinical Evaluations and ASAM Level I treatment provider for the DUI Intervention Program of Georgia Cognitive Skills Counseling Designed for the criminal offender population. The focus is on developing right thought and right action, reprogramming and restructuring patterns of thought that are not beneficial to the client Shoplifting Diversion Program A 6 week, “offense-specific” program for those charged with/convicted of shoplifting Life Skills This educational program focuses on helping clients learn to manage the challenges of everyday life, including healthy coping with stressors, identifying human needs, and improving relationships, self-control, and self-efficacy DUI School/ Risk Reduction Program State certified 20 hour program for DUI and DUI-reduced offenders Alcohol and Drug Education Workshops A 3 hour workshop, designed for underage alcohol and drug offenders, providing basic education on the harmful impact of substance abuse Anger Management Provides participants with a summary of core concepts, as well as healthy tools for managing anger Victim Impact Panel This is an educational class for those ticketed with DUI’s, other traffic violations, and those under age 21. Participants hear the poignant stories of those whose lives have been permanently affected by an impaired or reckless driver, or those affected by underage drinking Alcohol Awareness A 4 hour educational and interactive program providing information on the effects of alcohol and drugs on the individual, as well as the laws and consequences: this course also includes a Victim Impact Panel Marijuana Education and Treatment Program A 6 week education and interactive program for those charged with/convicted of marijuana possession Family Violence Intervention Program State certified 24 week treatment provided for both male and female offenders charged or convicted under Georgia Family Violence Act Individual/Family/Marital/Couples Therapy Therapy services address all client needs, including substance abuse, depression and anxiety
  • Healthqwest
    • Warner Robins GA 31088
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    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Narcotic replacement therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for opiate dependence. Each patient is treated individually and the length of treatment varies from person to person. A patient may remain in treatment for as long as clinically indicated provided that he or she is making positive life changes. At any time, a patient may request to undergo medically supervised withdrawal. Patients are all encouraged to begin medically supervised withdrawal at some point in their course of treatment. In addition to issues of dependency, many patients have other psychosocial, emotional, occupational, medical, legal, and educational needs that should be addressed in order for treatment to be effective. HealthQwest staff is well equipped to address co-occurring issues. HealthQwest's philosophy is to provide the necessary resources and referrals to stabilize and restore positive functioning for each patient on an individualized basis.
  • Advantage Behavioral Health Systems-3
    • Elberton GA 30635
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    • Per Month : Sliding Scale
    Advantage Behavioral Health Systems-3
  • Second Chance Recovery Residences,LLC
    • Atlanta GA 30350
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    • Per Week : SoberHouse Costs
    Second Chance Recovery Residences,LLC
    Second Chance is a sober living program whose focus is on guidance and support for men and women in early recovery. Second Chance is an Atlanta halfway house committed to providing a safe, structured community for our residents to learn accountability as they transition into everyday life. We are a sober living program based on the model of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are, in our opinion, the only proven method of establishing long term sobriety. The Steps emphasize honesty, integrity, openness, willingness, spirituality and responsibility for one’s own actions; with support from others who have gone or are going through the same process.
  • Recovery Consultants Of Atlanta
    • Decatur GA 30032
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    Recovery Consultants Of Atlanta
    Vision Statement "A nationally recognized entity working to realize a society where people who are at risk or addicted to alcohol or other drugs are valued and treated with dignity and stigma, discrimination and other barriers to recovery are eliminated." Mission Statement RCA, Inc. is committed to organizing and teaching members of the Metro-Atlanta community how to become advocates for recovery and providing comprehensive, quality, drug treatment and clinical public health services in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  • Anchorage Inc
    • Leesburg GA 31763
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $1 - $1,000
    Anchorage Inc
    Phase I services are provided at no cost to the client. A $40 book, supplies and admission processing fee must be paid on admission. This fee includes the cost of the required background check. The Anchorage, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Christian organization dedicated to the transformation of men whose lives have been ravaged by alcohol/drug addiction. Addiction has no boundaries. It affects all economic, racial, and spiritual groups. Our clients range from successful, well-educated professionals to the hourly shift workers. Addiction makes these men one in the same. At The Anchorage, there are no special treatments provided based on education level, income, race, or depth of spirituality. Each man is here for one purpose: to overcome his addiction. Our goal is to help show him the path to productivity. Our doors are open to men above the age of 18 who have successfully completed a 5-day detoxification period, have no outstanding warrants or court dates, no serious health problems, and are comfortable in a Christian environment.
  • STAND Inc
    • Decatur GA 30035
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $76 - $150
    STAND Inc
    Mission – What we do STAND is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to those with complex and compounded social issues and diseases through evidence-based training, education and interventions that will empower all to engage in healthy productive lifestyles. The agency's residential program includes a 26-bed transitional supportive housing resource designed to accommodate homeless clients who are engaged in our substance abuse treatment services.
  • Bluff Plantation
    • Augusta GA 30906
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $30,001 +
    Bluff Plantation
    Bluff Plantation is the perfect place for recovery and healing from drug use, alcohol use, or prescription pain medication abuse. We provide a rigorous medical and holistic addiction treatment program for impaired professionals such as athletes, business executives, medical and entertainment professionals--without concern for visibility, judgment or confidentiality. From the sumptuous landscape to the impeccable white glove service, Bluff Plantation is an extraordinary private residential treatment program for the highly discriminating, domestic and international clientele desiring an experience at once lavish and unique. - See more at:
  • Hope House Inc-3
    • Augusta GA 30904
    • Tel :
    • Per Month : $1 - $1,000
    Hope House Inc-3
    The mission of Hope House Inc. is to apply a holistic approach to treatment in a long-term residential setting in order to break the cycle of chemical dependency for women, their dependent children, and their families. The Ready for Work program includes group and individual therapy, crisis intervention, family dynamics, parenting skills, coping skills, health and fitness and vocational and educational programs. This all-inclusive program gives women a second chance in life and the tools to become a productive member of society. The women who successfully complete the program leave to become gainfully employed citizens who are self-sufficient, better mothers, and able to deal with problems in constructive and healthy ways.
  • Agora House
    • Gainesville GA 30501
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    Agora House
  • Shining Light House For Women
    • McDonough GA 30252
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : $151 - $250
    Shining Light House For Women
    Residential Recovery Phase I Our intensive faith-based, recovery program for alcohol and drug abuse usually last 6-7 months in the first phase depending on the needs of the resident. This structured, home environment has 24 hour supervision and constant monitoring. Behavioral stabilization, criminal thinking, group therapy, along with our principle based twelve step workshops help our residents learn to enjoy life without substance use, and learn to develop true and healthy relationships. In addition to our intense program we promote personal responsibility, we address the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of our residents. Transitional Living Phase II The great advantage of transitional living is that the resident can share any obstacles she encounters in the real world that normally might trigger her to relapse. Being able to return to a safe transitional housing environment where she gets love and support can greatly guide her in how to work through life without alcohol or substance abuse. Residents who have worked Steps 1-7 will continue to receive one-on-one counseling. If needed and if the family is agreeable we assist with finding a suitable family counselor. We offer life skills training, problem solving, and personal development along with other vital necessities. Setting healthy boundaries and finding peace and confidence within self is critical within the transitional living process! Sobriety is a life long management process and that is the truth. Unfortunately, many residents leave Recovery Homes thinking they are cured and that they can return to life as if they were never an alcoholic or drug addict. This is a sad reality that almost always leads to relapse. Accepting the truth and helping our residents find passion and purpose is imperative to self-worth and happiness.
  • Star House
    • Rome GA 30165
    • Tel :
    • Per Week : Free
    Star House