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The high cost of alcoholism and addiction treatment is one of the biggest reasons why some do not enter rehabs despite the pain and losses caused by addiction. Now, insurance for substance abuse disorder covered by the Parity Act makes it less financially draining by providing specific coverage according to the insurance policy and the facility’s program.

Does WellPoint cover drug rehab coverage or alcoholism?
WellPoint offers substance abuse treatment coverage for its members, according to the standards of Affordable Care Act. But, the cost of treatment that it covers has its own limitations. These include out-of-pocket payment, your WellPoint policy coverage and other factors.

What length of stay will WellPoint pay for treatment?
WellPoint covers the number of days of treatment plan that your doctor or therapist recommended as long as it is certified by WellPoint. This pre-certification request for a treatment plan (recommendation) can either be approved or denied by WellPoint. While normal length of treatment may vary from 28-30 days up to 180-360 days of long term residential rehab, WellPoint often covers the approved treatment plan no matter how long treatment may take.

Does WellPoint offer specialized alcohol and drug treatment coverage?
Specialized alcohol and addiction treatment services which are pre-certified and approved by WellPoint shall be adequately covered. These may include (but not limited to) medical stabilization, detoxification, intensive inpatient and outpatient therapy, counseling and after are services. It is vital to talk to the representative of your insurance company and the admission’s counselor of your chosen facility to find out more about the substance abuse treatment services that your WellPoint policy covers.

Wellpoint insurance options - Inpatient addiction treatment vs. outpatient - which is better?
Inpatient and outpatient rehab are essential for maintaining lifelong sobriety. Inpatient rehab is for people who need safe, structured and supportive environment which remove patients from stressful circumstances outside the rehab. Inpatients also enjoy close monitoring from knowledgeable and skilled addiction treatment staff 24 hours a day.
Outpatient rehab is for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who are determined to attend support group meetings, counseling (groups, individual and family). They must be surrounded by family members of friends who are supportive of their recovery. Outpatient rehab provides them with the opportunity to apply what they learn from the rehab immediately. But, it is also a bit risky especially if they are still working or living with people who influenced their drug or alcohol use.

How do I pay for what my Wellpoint insurance won't cover?
Ask the admission’s counselor about the payment plans available in the facility.  You will be asked to sign a contract with a computation of the possible treatment cost and the payment schedule which would fit your budget. Explore the possibility of applying for a financing, credit card payment, sliding fee scale payment, scholarships and grants and other payment options. You can also try borrowing from family and friends who are willing to help you out in this hard time. 

How do I confirm I have Wellpoint coverage for rehab?
Although the Affordable Care Act requires all insurance companies to provide fair coverage to medical and psychological/behavioral conditions (like substance abuse disorder) it is still important to talk to WellPoint representative about your exact coverage.  You can visit WellPoint website or call the toll-free number of the back of your WellPoint card and ask about the facilities and services covered by your insurance policy. You can discuss the insurance policy coverage, cost of treatment and payment schedules with the admission counselor of the facility for more information on the financial aspect of your rehabilitation.