Rehab centers accepting MEDICARE

Number of treatment centers in America accepting MEDICARE


Alcoholism and drug addiction require efficient addiction treatment for a lasting recovery. To do this, you need adequate financing to help you pay for the cost of treatment and aftercare services which are essential to maintain your sobriety. Medicare insurance coverage shall help you pay for the cost of rehabilitation from drug addiction and alcoholism. But, certain conditions must be met before a Medicare beneficiary can avail of its benefits.

Does Medicare cover drug rehab coverage or alcoholism?

Medicare will cover cost of both of inpatient and outpatient rehab services if the facility is included in the Medicare-approved providers, and the doctor set up the treatment plan and has also certified that such treatment is medically necessary.

What length of stay will Medicare pay for treatment?

The maximum number of days that Medicare covers for an inpatient care in psychiatric hospital is 190 days for a patient’s entire lifetime. But, Medicare can still cover additional number of days for mental health care in a general hospital. Eighty percent of the cost for mental health services including substance abuse treatment in outpatient rehab facility is covered by Medicare. Supplemental insurance may cover for the remaining 20 percent of the treatment cost.

Does Medicare offer specialized alcohol and drug treatment coverage?

Medicare covers specialized services such as psychotherapy, follow-up care, medications, methadone maintenance, and SBIRT (Structured Assessment and Brief Intervention). Preventive screening, counseling, inpatient and outpatient services are also covered by Medicare.

Insurance options - Inpatient addiction treatment vs. outpatient - which is better?

Inpatient and outpatient therapy offers therapeutic interventions that usher an individual to a life of sobriety. Both of these treatment options offer detox, counseling (individually or by group), medications (if necessary) and support group meetings. The big difference lies on the place where rehabilitation takes place.

Patients of inpatient rehabs stay in the facility for several days or months where they receive continuous support from the addiction treatment staff and their peers in the community. They also undergo therapy sessions and complementary therapy (yoga, stress-relief exercises, art therapy, music therapy and the like) on a daily basis.

How do I pay for what Medicare insurance won't cover?

The excess amount of treatment that insurance won’t cover can be paid through different payment options that the addiction treatment facility offers. Ask for a computation of treatment cost and schedules and the possible payment options that would fit your budget. Don’t forget to ask the support of your family and friends, employer (through employee-assistance program), and apply for financing and other possible sources of quick fund.

How do I confirm I have Medicare coverage?

Ask the admission staff of the alcohol or drug treatment facility of your choice about the services, and length of treatment that Medicare shall answer for. You can also contact the Medicare customer support for more information on the coverage.