Rehab centers accepting HEALTH NET

Number of treatment centers in America accepting HEALTH NET



A private alcohol and drug rehab used to be unaffordable for average earners. But, with Health Net and other insurance providers offering substance abuse coverage, even top private treatment centers become affordable with the health insurance. Some facilities also offer sliding-scale payment programs for alcoholics and drug addicts who can’t pay the full amount of treatment cost.


Does Health Net cover drug rehab coverage or alcoholism?

Health Net insurance covers most of the cost of the substance abuse treatment to its customers under the behavioral health treatment plan. Nonetheless, the cost of treatment that Health Net pays for also depends on several factors including your behavioral coverage plan, contributions, in network facility, and lot more.


What length of stay will Health Net pay for treatment?

The length of time for a treatment plan that Health Net shall pay for largely depends on the insurance policy coverage, the treatment program itself and the services rendered. Whether the facility is an in-network provider or not also determines the amount that the insurance company covers. You may have to stay in the facility for as short as five days or as long as 90 days depending on the results of your initial assessment and response to treatment. For more information on your Health Net coverage, consult the admission’s counselor of the facility and the Health Net customer support.


Does Health Net offer specialized alcohol and drug treatment coverage?

Health Net provides specialized-treatment coverage through its large in network drug and alcohol rehab facilities all over the country. Most treatment programs offer detoxification, counseling sessions, inpatient or outpatient treatment and continuing services.


Insurance options - Inpatient addiction treatment vs. outpatient - which is better?

Alcoholism and drug addiction extend beyond the physical addiction. While detox can clean up the person’s system, and ease up the withdrawal process- addiction has psychological origins. This is where the inpatient treatment comes along. Inpatient facilities treat the psychological addiction to alcohol and drugs, and correct the addictive behaviors by utilizing medical and psychological support from the staff and the peers. The treatment plan is adjusted in relation to what the individual needs at that specific phase in recovery. Inpatient addiction treatment includes counseling sessions, support groups, relapse prevention skills and other corresponding activities.

Outpatient treatment options are for people who have already undergone detox and who are more able to withstand the lures of getting back into alcohol and drug use in their present environment. Like inpatient, outpatient treatment also offers counseling, medications, and support group therapy. Whether inpatient or outpatient program works depend on your needs, preferences and the determination to recover.


How do I pay for what insurance won't cover?

It’s a bit challenging to figure out how to pay for alcohol and drug rehab especially when you’re sick and you really need help. But, don’t get discouraged because there are other options aside from Health Net insurance.

Talk to the admissions counselor and ask about what Health Net shall cover, the maximum length of days it would take in and the excess amount that you have to shoulder. Next, you can explore about the facility’s payment options, like using credit cards, treat now pay later plan, scholarships or financing. You can also take an inventory of your assets, like properties you can sell, savings accounts, IRA and other retirement accounts. Maybe you have a family member that you can take out a loan from or a supportive friend who can help you out at the moment. You can also ask if you are entitled to Medicaid, Medicare or Obama Care benefits.


How do I confirm I have coverage?

Health Net pays for your behavioral health coverage but you have to ask the facility if it belongs to the in network providers list of Health Net or not. You may also speak with Health Net’s representative to check if the treatment program you want to take is covered.