Avg. cost - Per Month - $15,001 - $30,000

Beachside Rehab Treatment Center

4005 North Highway A1A

Fort Pierce, FL 34949

Tel :

Primary focus of Provider
  • Substance abuse treatment
Service Provided
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Detoxification
Type of Care


As a small, private, and family run facility located on the Atlantic Ocean, Beachside Recovery provides the perfect backdrop for anybody dealing with an addiction. We take great pride in our ability to provide high quality care, without overcharging patients. At Beachside Recovery, we are serious about you getting the help you need. Regardless of how long you have been struggling with an addiction or what type of help you require, we are here to show you the way. The Beachside Recovery treatment center is known as one of the best in the state, with past patients raving about our approach. Beachside Recovery provides one of the most affordable, private treatment programs in the state. Contact us to learn more about our facility, approach to treatment, rates, and payment plans.

Form of Payment, Insurance Accepted, and Beachside Rehab Treatment Center Cost

Here is a partial list of some of the major insurance providers this facility accepts. Note that this facility works with out-of-network insurance coverage as well. Please contact facility for the most up-to-date list of insurance providers.

  • Forms of payment
    • Private health insurance
    • Self payment
  • Average Treatment Cost
    Per Month : $15,001 - $30,000

Other Information

  • Gender


  • Pets Allowed?


  • Patient to staff ratio


  • Avg. length of program (in days)
  • What success means to us

    Beachside Rehab is a private, family run, drug and alcohol abuse treatment facility located on the tropical Hutchinson Island in Florida. Beachside Rehab focuses on a holistic approach towards drug and alcohol abuse treatment while supporting the conventionally proven, 12 step program. We utilize mind, body, and spiritual elements throughout the treatment process to provide an enhanced recovery program for each individual. It is our understanding that every addict’s journey towards recovery is unique and that one program may not fit all. We will work passionately to provide the specialized treatment every suffering addict deserves.

Organization & Facilities

  • Year Started


  • Business Status

    For Profit

  • Number of Beds


  • Average stay (Residential)

    Average stay in days : 30 to 180

  • Private rooms available


  • Management Team
    • Imelda Wellington - CEO and Founder
    • Annemarie Holmes - Chief Operating Officer and Program Director
    • Olivia Holmes - Chief Financial Officer
    • Tabitha Grant - Clinical Director


  • Provided during treatment
    • Suboxone
    • Subutex
    • Antabuse
    • Campral
    • Medications for psychiatric Disorders
    • Naltrexone
    • Nicotine replacement
  • Maintenance program


  • Services offered
    • After care services offered.
    • Track patients' progress post care


  • Alumni Services
    • Alumni networking and special events
    • Special programs for alumni


  • Licenses
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  • Accreditations
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The help I got here was amazing. The therapists truly helped save my life.

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Feb 2013



This rehab is a money mill. they lie to get you there. it was very sad to see the young people in the program that their parents sent most of them, most said it was a vacation for them. I saw today that people that get out of a 28 day program have the highest rate of death. This worries me. The rehab has only been open less then two years. Most staff has less then 1 year sober with no higher training. They lie to get you there and the people in rehab run the facility. very very sad. not a place for peace and sober living. Not holistic at all. place should be shut down until proper training and regulations put into play. I am sober today and proud of this. seeing the messed up rehab, counselors, and patients has helped me stay clean! please before you send your loved one there, do research. this was my first rehab and only. its a very hard decision to make . for most there is no choice. this place is not a place to get to core problems and deal with pain as well as family. people spend to much time focused on other patients drama and the drugs they loved as well has how they made them happy. the staff has no control over patients. the patients send most of the time yelling at staff. the patients have the upper hand. most staff has little to no sober time. no RNs or doctors on call. not even AED on wall. place is not even equipped to handle a true emergency. I had to be taken to ER for medical reasons and it took staff a hour to get a ok or someone to take me. then had a 5 day stay in hospital. even the hospital staff and doctors in the same town were appalled and shamed at this rehab in there town. the doctor at the hospital said she felt very sorry for patients cause staff has no training or mind set to deal with the sick patients trying to stay sober. she knows the out come of places like this. death or jail. The doctor said she sees patients have return to other rehabs many times and even die when they get lured to rehabs like this. She could not understand how place was up and running. very very few stay sober. I can say ..... I am sober and will never look back.

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Jul 2015

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