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Men's Treatment

  • Jaywalker LodgeCarbondale CO
    • $14,250-$45,000

    Jaywalker Lodge provides hope and healing for men in recovery by treating each day as a promise of our future, not as a consequence of our past. At Jaywalker Lodge, we believe individuals who return to rehab treatment do so for many reasons – but none more important than the failure to grasp and fully personalize Step One of the 12 Steps program. Clients at Jaywalker will examine the impact of drugs and alcohol in all aspects of their lives through the writing and sharing of sections of their own life stories. This “section” work reveals the underlying truth about each individual’s struggles with addiction and recovery.

  • Memorial HermannHouston TX
    • $20,001-$30,000

  • Gray Wolf RanchPort Townsend WA
    • $8,650-$18,950

    During their months here, residents spend the majority of their time learning to live rewarding, sober lives. In addition to the insights acquired in individual and group counseling, residents develop sober living skills through practice and support, incorporating Twelve Step principles into their daily lives of work, school or community service and becoming integral parts of the Gray Wolf Ranch community. Visits from family are highly recommended and many residents take advantage of the Northwest’s many tourist destinations to spend some time with family members sightseeing in Seattle, Portland or Vancouver, or simply touring the San Juan Islands. Gray Wolf Ranch believes passionately in the healing and perspective that an experiential education can provide, so before he graduates each resident participates in at least two wilderness treks, gaining self-confidence and learning to trust himself and his peers. New residents arrive throughout the year, learning from the examples and strong support of their peers as they rise together to the challenge of a sober life.

    • $18,000-$18,000

    Hopequest is a community of ministries offering recovery, restoration, and refuge to individuals and families impacted by life dominating behaviors. We strive to be both Christ Centered and Clinically Effective. HopeQuest exists in order to be an instrument in the process of helping individuals repair their lives, restore their families, and become a part of establishing and building communities with strong relationships, active workers, and future leaders.

    • $6,300-$16,000

    Discovery Place has been featured on Huffington Post Live, WhatMeSober and has articles on recovery considered so authoritative they have been cited on Wikipedia. Our facility has earned a reputation over the years as a top-notch provider of authentic recovery programs. In our local area of Middle Tennessee, recovery community members continue to refer men to our programs, year after year, because they see the results of our work.

    • $8,500-$12,000

    As an affordable alternative to residential treatment facilities and hospital based programs, The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center offers treatment to those seeking help with alcoholism and drug addiction at a cost most families can afford. The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center has been employing the same methods as residential treatment centers and hospital based programs in a long-term setting for over 24 years. Over the past two or three years we have condensed our program into a short-term (30,60,90) program and have enjoyed remarkable success. Our extensive structure is intertwined with the 12-steps and its principles. While intensive, it is also flexible and able to bend according to the needs of each client. Our program is highly effective and geared towards fostering the changes clients need to make in order to attain long-term sobriety. We are not a medical facility and therefore have no medical personnel on staff. However, we do work with skilled professionals who provide detoxification and psychiatric counseling if needed. Because these services are provided offsite, we provide transportation to and from their offices and also assist with payment. This allows us to keep our treatment costs affordable, effective and appropriate for each individual. As part of our graduate/aftercare program clients are encouraged to continue their involvement with the facility and its clients. This often includes, but is not limited to: going on outings, coming to dinner, participation in peer groups and family groups, and sponsoring clients. In doing these things, not only are the clients benefited because of the relationships they build with graduates, but the graduates themselves enrich their own sobriety and improve their chances of long-term sobriety.

  • Prescott House IncPrescott AZ
    • $8,000-$10,000

    Prescott House, Inc. is a nationally recognized long term rehab & addiction treatment center for men. Prescott House – Arizona State Licensed Residential Treatment Center and extended care treatment facility for men who need further treatment beyond primary inpatient treatment for a wide range of personal issues. Find a sober life at the best long term treatment center in Prescott, Arizona. The best men’s rehab, we offer a supportive environment that embraces the principles of 12-Step programs to treat alcoholism, prescription medication, opiates; and other drug addictions, PTSD, codependency, sexual addiction, adult children of alcoholics, self esteem issues, severe entitlement, relapse prevention, depression, gambling issues and dual diagnosis including: depression ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder and Anxiety.

  • La Jolla RecoverySan Diego CA
    • $5,001-$10,000

  • Pine Ridge Treatment CenterRunning Springs CA
    • $9,500-$9,500

    Established in 1986, Pine Ridge Treatment Centers, Inc. provides safe, therapeutically effective recovery and educational programs for individuals and family members who are effected by alcoholism and other dependencies. Treatment at the facilities is fully covered by union benefits. Pine Ridge was organized by UFCW Local 1167 in 1988. It offers residential and intensive outpatient programs in Running Springs, Palm Desert, Lucerne Valley, Victorville and San Bernardino. Members of the Railroad, UTU, IBEF, IBET, UFCW, Teamsters and other unions come to the facility from as far away as Chicago. Pine Ridge Treatment Centers utilize a multidisciplinary team of professionals under the direction of Dr. Keith Simpson, a certified Addictionologist, Doctor of Public Health, a past President of the National Council on Alcoholism, and a leader in this field for over 35 years. Each staff member is professionally certified and has experience with twelve step groups and other community based interventions. Pine Ridge Treatment Centers Residential Services minimize the resident’s anxiety and discomfort by creating a home like atmosphere. The setting is comfortable, relaxed and conducive to concentration on the difficult task of recovery. Included in the Residential Program are a full Biospychosocial Assessment, Individual Counseling, Family Involvement and Discharge Planning. Individuals living in the Inland Empire can participate in a year-long free aftercare program. Pine Ridge recognizes that there are individuals who do not require long-term or residential alcohol and drug treatment. For these individuals, Pine Ridge Treatment Centers Outpatient program provides many of the same services obtained at higher levels of care but allows the patient to continue to work, attend school or meet other important obligations. State Licensed and CARF National Accreditation

    • $0-$7,900

    Today more than ever the destructive effects of drug and alcohol abuse threaten every facet of society. For people from all walks of life, drugs too often become a way of coping with unhappiness, loneliness, fear, and stress. The consequences of addiction on their lives -- and on the lives of those around them -- can be truly devastating. Since 1972 thousands of men from all faiths, all races and all backgrounds have received successful treatment at the Chabad Residential Drug Treatment Center in Los Angeles -- America’s first nonsectarian rehab program run under Jewish auspices. The program has won lasting acclaim by achieving success rates well above the national average. Chabad views drug and alcohol abuse as a symptom of a deeper problem, and has designed a program that uses psychological therapy and a Twelve Step model to concentrate on the underlying issues that contribute to dependence. We focus on establishing a structure that promotes recovery and improves the quality of life, placing special significance on ethical and moral growth that is so vital to the development of personal integrity. The goal of the Residential Drug Treatment Center is to give each client the foundation and motivation to lead a drug-free lifestyle as a confident, productive member of society. The Center works to ensure that each graduate has the tools to effectively cope with the psychological, environmental, emotional, and interpersonal triggers of relapse.