Extended Care

  • 1. Alina Lodge
    • $55,000-$60,000
    • Blairstown , NJ

    The promise of hope starts with clear facts. Self discipline, accountability and the ability to make responsible choices are seen as essential for a successful recovery. Our structured approach is strongly based upon the 12 steps of AA and is designed to help our clients successfully develop these assets. To this end, the people in residence are referred to as students because they are here to learn and live a new life in sobriety. Our students are always treated with the utmost dignity and respect. The education received through lectures, one-on-one counselling and group therapy instils awareness in each student of their addiction and how to cope with life on life's terms. Dignity and the development of a healthy self-image are viewed as basic to recovery. Emphasis is placed on developing rigorous self-honesty and learning appropriate self-care skills. Interest in appearance and well-being is fostered with a balanced diet and exercise. At Alina Lodge we believe alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease that is highly treatable. With sufficient structure, support, and time in abstinence, we know that recovery is possible. We believe it is a family disease as well. Those who are related to an alcoholic / chemically addicted person often experience the same debilitating symptoms as the alcoholic /addict. Thousands of men and women from all walks of life, vocations, ethnic backgrounds, and belief systems have begun their journey to continuous, productive, successful sobriety with us for the past 52 years. Recovery begins with a great deal of hard work on the student's part, learning the true nature of the disease while developing self-acceptance.

  • 2. Four Circles Recovery Center
    • $30,000-$44,000
    • Horse Shoe, NC

    Life changing addiction treatment for young adults in the wilderness of North Carolina Four Circles Recovery Center is an innovative, state of the art wilderness-based treatment program for males and females, ages 18-28, with addiction, substance abuse, and co-occurring mental health issues. Our licensed and experienced staff provides the most clinically sophisticated wilderness-based substance abuse treatment program in the country. Located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, our facility is 15 minutes outside the city Asheville. This calming, breathtaking environment provides our clients with a beautiful backdrop for their recovery. As our name indicates, our treatment program addresses the four circles of recovery—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Four Circles Recovery Center combines a traditional clinical setting with intensive substance abuse services and experiential wilderness therapy to create a foundation for sustained recovery and life changing experiences for young adults facing the challenges of addiction, substance abuse, co-occurring emotional or behavioral issues that have sabotaged their success. As a division of CRC Healthcare, Four Circles Recovery Center has gained positive media attention across many popular news outlets for our state of the art programs and schools including the New York Times, Dateline NBC, The Dr. Phil Show U.S. News & World Report and CNN.

  • 3. Hanley Center at Origins
    • $35,000-$38,360
    • West Palm Beach, FL

    Hanley Center at Origins provides a comprehensive continuum of individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs for adults, baby boomers, and older adults including those with co-occurring disorders.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Hanley Center at Origins&rsquo; gender-specific treatment programs unite effective addiction medicine and evidence-based clinical strategies with an immersion in the 12-Step experience. The pioneers behind Older Adult and Baby Boomer addiction treatment, Hanley Center&rsquo;s programs are designed to provide patients and families with treatment solutions that include intervention and detoxification, 30- to 90-day in-patient treatment, intensive family support, and transitional programs. For a confidential consultation, call (844) 843-8935 today.&nbsp;To learn more about Hanley Center at Origins, click here.&nbsp;<br /> https://www.originsrecovery.com/locations-staff/florida-hanley-center-origins<br /> <br /> &nbsp;

  • 4. Seabrook House
    • $26,000-$26,000
    • Seabrook, NJ

    At Seabrook House, we are committed to providing quality addiction treatment for the physical, emotional and spiritual illness of chemical dependency. Our structured, nurturing programs, along with the principles grounded in the Twelve Step philosophy of recovery, combine to foster the kind of changes necessary for a clean and sober life. At Seabrook we can provide intervention services. Highly qualified and certified Family Intervention specialists can help you deal with the person, the problem and the elements unique to your personal or professional situation. There are various modes of Family Intervention that each require a certain amount of preparation time but in most cases, Family Intervention results in immediate entry into detox, alcohol rehab, drug rehab or other appropriate treatment setting.

  • 5. Next Step
    • $25,470-$25,470
    • Staples, MN

    Next Step is an adolescent chemical dependency treatment facility for young men ages 13 - 18 located in Staples, Minnesota. Next Step is Minnesota Residents and Family (CRF) Rule compliant, and we are able to offer a full continuum of care. This means that we offer primary treatment and extended care services for all residents and transitional services for those planning to stay in the Staples area. Treatment of chemical dependency in Minnesota has changed. Next Step is able to offer a full range of services based on client need. We understand that each client enters treatment with unique challenges and strengths. Next Step is committed to offering a program that is truly individual and in the best interest of the client. Next Step offers many program opportunities to teach our clients how to live a happy, chemically free life. Each client can participate in sober activities that they will be able to take into their adult life. Next Step is located in central northern Minnesota among several lakes, parks and other outdoor recreational areas. At Next Step, we expose our clients to camping, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities that help promote sober fun.

  • 6. American Behavioral Health Systems
    • $3,500-$22,500
    • Spokane Valley, WA

    American Behavioral Health Systems drug treatment center is a treatment facility located in Spokane Valley, WA. that an individual can enter in order to treat a drug addiction or alcoholism problem. Through therapy and education at American Behavioral Health Systems, individuals are rehabilitated using various treatment methods which can enable them to lead productive lives. There are many reasons why a person would need to attend American Behavioral Health Systems in Spokane Valley. A few of the many reasons are: the inability to control their drinking or drug use, alienating their friends and family, legal problems, severe depression and general unhappiness due to excessive drug or alcohol use.

  • 7. The GRR - Vllla Mizner
    • $10,001-$20,000
    • Vero Beach, FL

  • 8. The GRR - Plantation Home
    • $10,001-$20,000
    • Vero Beach, FL

  • 9. Casa Recovery
    • $12,000-$20,000
    • San Juan Capistrano, CA

  • 10. Palm Beach Institute
    • $15,000-$20,000
    • West Palm Beach, FL

    The first private drug & alcohol rehabilitation center in the state of Florida, The Palm Beach Institute takes a multidimensional and comprehensive treatment approach which honors the diversity of both the people and personalities who struggle with addiction. We realize that each person has a unique path to recovery, and we work with each individual to provide the tools to attain and maintain recovery from alcohol and drugs. A Florida-based drug rehabilitation center, we offer a full range of drug & alcohol rehabilitation services, including programs for adolescents, detoxification, and family programs. For over forty years, The Palm Beach Institute has provided quality client care and treatment for individuals from across the nation— a continuum of services, from medically-supervised detoxification for adults to residential and partial hospitalization for adults and adolescents to comprehensive continuing care plans for all clients. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and a JCAHO-accredited facility, The Palm Beach Institute is both nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to excellence in substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents.