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Halfway Houses in California

  • Clean & Sober Transitional Living
    • Fair Oaks, California 95628
    • Tel : (916) 961-2691

    Clean and Sober Transitional Living (CSTL) is an unrelated adult communal living environment for people with the common goal of long-term sobriety. Established in 1989, CSTL is one of the oldest and largest transitional living communities in Northern California. We have helped over 5000 people re-create their lives. CSTL is designed to be part of your long term alcohol and drug rehabilitation, serving to strengthen your commitment to relapse prevention and provide tools to a new way of living while in a safe, secure and supportive environment. CSTL can provide you with the time and experience to practice the art of living sober. With over 140 residents we offer a network of 14 homes that function as a community. At CSTL, you will live in a beautiful home in a great area (Fair Oaks, California, a suburb of Sacramento) with a group of people who are committed to their recovery and yours. You will not be alone, but part of a community who understands your struggle along the road of recovery because your path is shared by them. Our residents come from all walks of life. From management positions of Fortune 500 companies to construction workers to men and women going back or starting college... they all share the same goal of long-term sobriety. The key to our success is that we offer an environment that requires commitment and integrity from everyone....staff and residents alike. We have been featured on both A&E's "Intervention" and TLC's "Addicted" television series. Extensive information and videos are available on our website.

  • Hope By The Sea
    • San Juan Capistrano, California 92675
    • Tel : 866.930.HOPE

    With the peaceful Pacific waters serving as our backdrop Celebrate Hope is nestled on the Southern California coast and provides the perfect setting for clients to focus on healing and become consumed by God’s infinite power.

    Orange County also has an extensive Christian community and plenty of healthy activities that help reignite your life and replace isolation with action, community and service. From meditative walks on the beach to hundreds of available 12 step meetings daily, Orange County has long been considered the best recovery community in the United States.

  • Liberty House Recovery Center
    • Los Angeles, California 90025
    • Tel : (877) 368-4258
    With its structure being formulated over 25 years ago Liberty House continues to lead the sober living home industry in time tested methods that help residents acquire and maintain long term sobriety. The structure of the program works so well because it is designed in a way that gets residents in touch with, and dealing with the underlying issues and the causes of their substance abuse. Many clients and their family members have experienced the life changing affects and have watched their lives be transformed as a result of the changes fostered by the Liberty House's unique structure. Watch the videos and listen as founder and owner of Liberty House, Larry Luttrell and Dr. Bernard McInerny from the Betty Ford Center discuss the structure and how we are able to achieve such remarkable success rates.
  • Baird Whitfield Drug Rehab Sober Living Homes
    • Los Angeles, CA 90066
    • Tel : (424) 202-7426
    • Residential: $20,000 - $60,000
    • Outpatient: $10,000 - $15,000

    Some of the insurance providers accepted by this rehab:

  • A New Start Sober Living Homes4
    • Culver City, CA 90232
    • Tel : (424) 202-7426
    • Residential: $18,000 - $20,000
  • Benchmark Transitions
    • Redlands,, CA 92373
    • Tel : (800) 474-4848
    • Residential: $8,000 - $10,000
    Benchmark Transitions® is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to therapeutic transitional living for young men and women, ages 18-28. Our dual-diagnosis model combines clinical treatment, behavioral health therapy, addiction recovery & aftercare, educational & vocational opportunities, job training and life skills in a structured and nurturing environment that fosters self-discovery and autonomy. Our level-based curriculum is designed to be completed in 9-12 months. Extended care options are available. Benchmark is designed to be a step-down transitional program for participants coming out of primary treatment programs, such as Detox, 30/60/90 day Residential Treatment Centers, Wilderness Therapeutic Programs, hospitalization/stabilization units, and for adolescents aging-out of Therapeutic Boarding Schools. Benchmark is also an ideal option for young adults who are “stuck” at home, with failure to launch issues.
  • Door To Hope
    • Salinas, CA 93901
    • Tel : (831) 758-0181
    • Residential: $5,000 - $10,000

    ur Women’s Residential Program for alcohol and drug addiction has two attributes that set it apart from other programs. It’s affordable and it’s effective. The affordability is reflected by the fact that we offer 3 to 6 months of treatment for no more than and often less than the average 28 day program. And our experience teaches that the extended stays guarantee a more solid basis for sobriety over the long term. Since opening in 1971 the program has graduated more than 2,000 women. The Hayward home is a welcoming place located in a lovely Tudor home where clients live in the 14-bed facility for three to six months and receive compassionate treatment from our experienced, professionally trained staff. When you first enter Clay Street home you sense that it is a place with heart. A safe place. A perfect place for a new beginning. Clients soon learn to have confidence not only in our certified professional staff’s expertise, but also from the fact that the staff has been there. They have known personally the isolation and despair of addiction and they have overcome it and moved on to fulfilling lives.

    Some of the insurance providers accepted by this rehab:

  • Next Step Foundation
    • Mc Kees Rocks, Pennsylvania 15136
    • Tel : 877.508.2800
    Next Step Foundation
    Next Step Foundation provides a safe and sober environment for men and women who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Next Step residents are able to give themselves a break and focus on a new way of life. We also provide special services such as Drivers license restoration, tax consulting, legal services, employment contacts and many more. Next Step also provides furnished continuing care apartments after completing a 4-6 month residency. We help people find the promises of recovery. Next Step Foundation recognizes the problems experienced by those who are addicted to other negative behaviors such as problem gambling. Many times, problem gambling co-exists with drug and alcohol addiction or becomes a problem for individuals once they are abstinent Next Step Foundation provides references to certified therapists who specialize in gambling addiction as well as peer support meetings.
  • Crossroads Foundation
    • San Diego, CA 92103
    • Tel : (619) 296-1151
    • Residential: $450 - $450
    The Crossroads Foundation is a California non-profit organization offering a residential recovery program for women who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. The Crossroads facilities are located in a quiet residential area near downtown San Diego. We provide home-like atmospheres in a shared community to aid residents in regaining and maintaining sobriety. Founded in 1957 by a group of prominent judges, attorneys and civic leaders, Crossroads is the first women’s residential recovery program in San Diego County and the second oldest in California. Crossroads is a State of California certified and licensed alcohol and drug program with a long and successful record of serving women in recovery. Positive long-term outcomes have been experienced by hundreds of women served by the Crossroads residential recovery program (or, the Crossroads program).Women from all circumstances are welcome at Crossroads – housewives, mothers, community leaders, professionals, office workers, service workers, young, old, single, married. Any woman who is chemically dependent can find help at Crossroads in her struggle against addiction. Crossroads is an inclusive program – every woman without regard to ethnicity, age, marital status, religion or sexual orientation may become a participant. A woman’s residency at Crossroads is required and is confidential. No woman is refused admission due to financial hardship or inability to pay, but each person is required to undertake a financial commitment for the cost of her recovery. The cost of services is kept minimal due to funding from government sources, private donors and other revenue. Crossroads is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation partially funded by the County of San Diego. Comprehensive services designed to help
  • Genesis House Inc
    • Vallejo, CA 94591
    • Tel : (707) 552-5295
    Therapeutic activities are designed to help individuals see and accept themselves in an honest and realistic light. The primary form of therapy used is confrontational in nature, it stresses here and now behavior, it encourages individuals to take responsibility and action as a means toward positive change. Clients who enter treatment are exposed to a number of “workshops” in preparation for the “group activity”, our most intensive group. Other therapeutic approaches which are incorporated into a daily activity structure include; gestalt therapy, psycho-drama, role playing, feedback groups, brief therapy, AA & NA, recreation/physical exercise and family outings. Additionally each client is assigned to a counselor, together they develop an Individual Client Treatment Plan (ICTP) that addresses drug choice, medical problems, legal matters, family issues, psycho-social problem areas and vocational/educational needs.
    • Santa Monica, CA 90409
    • Tel : (424) 225-2697
    A male recovery environment to support and structure the needs of each individual. Resources to assist in job search, educational goals, and structuring to support a successful life in recovery.
  • A New Start Sober Living Homes
    • Culver City, CA 90232
    • Tel : 424-202-7426
    A Christian Rehabilitation home-like environment dedicated to helping men get set free from the bondage of Drug/Alcohol abuse through JESUS CHRIST ONE DAY AT A TIME!
  • The Ranch at Dove Tree
    • Lubbock, Texas 79403
    • Tel : 806.746.6777
    “We commit to preparing individuals with addiction and their families for a lifetime of recovery.” Dr. Kitty Harris, Ph.D., LMFT, LCDC. We know recovery works. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, when a recovery program is tailored to the individual needs of a client, treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is as effective as treatments for other illnesses, such as diabetes and asthma. We offer Residential, Partial and Intensive Outpatient levels of care.
  • A Step in the Right Direction
    • Northridge, CA 91324
    • Tel : (818) 231-1400
    Optional 5 day a week out-patient program provided and no additional costs for those who would like to attend. Assessment and evaluation, Individualized Treatment Planning, Substance Abuse Treatment, Individual Case Management, Individual & Group Counseling. Drug/Alcohol Intervention, Relapse Prevention, Coping Skills, Life Skills, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills, Family Care and Family Dynamics
  • Archway Recovery Support Housing
    • Culver City, CA 90066
    • Tel : 310-737-7566
    Men's only independent sober living housing with minimal oversight. Private rooms at $2650 and double occupancy at $1650.
  • Beachfront Recovery, Inc.
    • Oxnard, CA 93041
    • Tel : (855) 762-5562
    At Beachfront Recovery, we not only believe that positive change is possible, but that our home is the perfect place for it. We are located on Silverstrand beach, in beautiful Ventura County, just minutes away from Thousand Oaks, CA..We have developed an environment in our affordable sober living home that is safe, structured, independent, and loving. Our luxurious, sober living home utilizes a 12-step based system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion.
  • Berkeley Dains Interventions LLC
    • Westlake Village, CA 93035
    • Tel : (805) 506-1541
    Hollywood Beach Recovery is an upscale yet affordable structured sober living located steps from the beach. We offer a safe and clean sober environment and help clients attain a life worth living free from alcohol and other drug dependance. Our staff is comprised of highly trained individuals. We have a live in sober coach to help facilitate the daily activities that are conducive to long term sobriety.
  • Seastone of Delray
    • Delray Beach, Florida 33483
    • Tel : 855-266-9944
    Seastone of Delray is a men’s recovery residence that focuses providing intimate and personalized care for its clients. We strive to not only give our clients the tools they need to remain sober, but also work on remediating deficits – helping our clients to become better, more mature individuals so that when they are faced with adversity, they can overcome rather than self-medicate by turning to drugs. Seastone has a world class treatment center that provides intensive outpatient and outpatient services including individualized therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention, anger management and substance abuse education courses. We are licensed by the State of Florida to provide these services with a licensed clinician. Seastone also has a wellness center that provides chiropractic, massage therapy, personal training, nutrition education, cooking classes, and other life skills courses. We believe that the mind and body are intertwined – one cannot be healthy without the other. Seastone’s owners are hands on and know each client personally, unlike many other treatment centers and halfway houses. Rather than treat each client the same way on the same program, we are flexible and make decisions based on the client’s needs. We are located in beautiful Delray Beach, FL and are actually within walking distance to the beach. Seastone of Delray accepts most major PPO insurance carriers. Ask about our self-pay rates and room rental rates.
  • Bodhi Casa Sober Living Los Angeles
    • Venice, CA 90291
    • Tel : (310) 447-4534
  • By The Sea Recovery
    • Encinitas, CA 92024
    • Tel : (760) 216-2077
    Insured and Certified. Free Surf Lessons, Free Counseling 24 hours a day and a patented organizationally developed structure with an emphasis on strength-based leadership and talent development. Get sober for good and transform in a space of beauty and inspiration.
  • Casa Maria
    • Pasadena, CA 91104
    • Tel : (626) 296-8689
  • Casa Pacifica Men
    • Cardiff By the Sea, CA 92007
    • Tel : (760) 230-2996
    The Casa Pacifia Men’s home offers a serene environment which allows each resident to lay further groundwork, supporting a successful recovery process. Casa Pacifica Men provides all residents with a structured environment while fostering Independence thus nurturing each man to secure their individual path on true recovery. Experience has shown that it is not only vital to focus on one’s sobriety, but to create and implement a firm foundation of balance in one’s physical, spiritual and emotional well being. At Casa Pacifica Men, we encourage each resident to engage in a regular program of 20 hours a week of life skill activities. The house manager and management team are always available to assist each individual resident to tailor individual programs and establish the necessary contacts to allow these activities. Our goal for each of our resident men is to offer both structure and environment conducive to self-improvement for everyone on an individual path to living and enjoying life in recovery.
  • New Friendships Sober Living
    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33305
    • Tel : 954.514.7496
    New Friendships Sober Living is dedicated to assisting males over the age of 18 from the disease of addiction into their journey of recovery. From years of personal and professional experience we know providing a safe, supportive, structured, sober environment is an important ingredient for assisting men in their early stages of recovery. We believe in a Tri-Level philosophy based on the 12-Step model program, incorporating a balance between body, mind and spirit. The development of a recovering lifestyle coupled with optimal emotional health is our goal to guide and direct men on their path to a sober way of life.
  • Casa Pacifica Women
    • Solona Beach, CA 92075
    • Tel : (858) 864-7347
    Our mission at Casa Pacifica Women is to support each woman in securing her individual bridge between life and sobriety. Casa Pacifica Women is a Transitional Sober Living Home for women that will guide you to a healthy sober path by first showing you how to live a rewarding life with the five S's - Strength, Surrender, Sanctuary, Serenity and Self. This will be your foundation in bridging the gap between life and sobriety to ensure the most important of all... Sustainability. Casa Pacifica Women provides a serene environment which allows each resident to lay further ground work supporting a successful recovery process. Casa Pacifica Women provides all residents with a safe and supportive environment while fostering independence thus encouraging each woman to secure their individual path on true recovery. Casa Pacifica Women is primarily self-regulated with certain guidelines including 20 hours a week of recovery activities. These may include 12-Step meetings, one on one outside therapy, step work, attendance at an intensive outpatient program or aftercare program.
  • Casa Serena
    • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    • Tel : (805) 966-1260
    Our mission is to provide effective treatment services and a safe, sober living environment to women suffering from the disease of alcoholism or who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs and to introduce them to the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-Step process. Our History Casa Serena opened its doors to alcoholic women in August of 1959 primarily through the efforts of our founder Mildred Pinheiro. Recovering from alcoholism herself, Mildred wanted to open the home “because there was no place here for a woman alcoholic to go for help.” Casa Serena was originally a project of the National Council on Alcoholism, but became a separate 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation in 1973.
  • Casa Serena
    • Santa Barbara, CA 93105
    • Tel : (805) 966-1260
    Mission & History Our mission is to provide effective treatment services and a safe, sober living environment to women suffering from the disease of alcoholism or who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs and to introduce them to the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-Step process. Our History Casa Serena opened its doors to alcoholic women in August of 1959 primarily through the efforts of our founder Mildred Pinheiro. Recovering from alcoholism herself, Mildred wanted to open the home “because there was no place here for a woman alcoholic to go for help.” Casa Serena was originally a project of the National Council on Alcoholism, but became a separate 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation in 1973.
  • Casa Serena
    • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    • Tel : (805) 966-1260
    Mission & History Our mission is to provide effective treatment services and a safe, sober living environment to women suffering from the disease of alcoholism or who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs and to introduce them to the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-Step process. Our History Casa Serena opened its doors to alcoholic women in August of 1959 primarily through the efforts of our founder Mildred Pinheiro. Recovering from alcoholism herself, Mildred wanted to open the home “because there was no place here for a woman alcoholic to go for help.” Casa Serena was originally a project of the National Council on Alcoholism, but became a separate 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation in 1973.
  • The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center
    • Kings Mountain, Kentucky 40442
    • Tel : (606) 706-3362
    The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center is an affordable alternative to residential treatment that keeps help within reach for most families. Having employed the same methods as residential treatment centers since opening its doors, The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center provides an atmosphere that helps clients acquire the tools necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. Our program is effective in both the short-term setting (30, 60, 90) and long-term, which can take up to or longer than one year. The structure is intertwined with the 12-steps and its principles, teaching residents how to live and apply those principles and philosophies into their behavior and day to day lives. Our statistics, compiled in February of 2014, concluded that 45 of 55 graduates remain sober for an amazing 82% success rate. We base our graduate success rate on those who have not relapsed and have maintained multiple years of sobriety. Our sister facility, Liberty House, located in Los Angeles, CA. enjoys similar success rates and has been implementing the same structure for over 20 years now. After graduation from our program, residents know who they are and how the disease of addiction/alcoholism manifests itself in their lives. A strong foundation for continued recovery has been built, and residents walk out the door with a changed perception of the world around them. The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center will teach you how to live a strong program of recovery on a daily basis.
  • CHANCES Sober Living Homes
    • Riverside, CA 92501
    • Tel : (951) 454-0999
    Our mission is to help any and all people who are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol within the Southern California area; including Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego counties. Any person who sincerely desires a change of life can find help, hope and healing through our homes. One of the major challenges for someone recovering from addiction is to attempt recovery in an unsafe environment. Those who have completed treatment programs need a safe - clean and sober - environment to continue their program in order to achieve success. Society as a whole has been hard pressed to find a solution to deal with the problem of drug addiction. Most of these men and women will be imprisoned, locked up and forgotten. Many will spend entire lifetimes in prisons with little help from a system that can not or will not deal with the problem. We also see individuals spending years of their lives in mental hospitals and institutions. And finally, we see many others that will die from this disease. Sober living housing offers inexpensive and stress free accommodations in return for acceptance of a certain code of conduct. Transitional housing after rehab is for the person who is worried about finding a place to live after rehab, for anyone without a single sober friend or family member they can rely on. A period of sober living housing can shield from the worst of temptations and allow recovering addicts to get back into full society as they are ready to do so and at their own pace. Thank you for visiting our website. Please take some time to view our homes and other information we have supplied about our programs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
  • Collective Process Transitional Living for Women
    • Port Hueneme, CA 93041
    • Tel : (805) 218-1108
    The Collective Process is a member of the Sober Living Coalition of Ventura County. To be accepted into Collective Process, you MUST be 100% serious about your sobriety and dedicated to the success of breaking your addiction. Our home was created as a safe and loving sanctuary for motivated women, who are unable to return to the situations that ultimately took their lives. We believe in the courage that it takes to free oneself from the bondage of addiction. Each woman, with the help of her peers and staff (the collective), is provided with the opportunity to discover her truth; to reclaim her voice; and to create an estimable life of recovery. We, the Collective Process family, work together to help each woman by honoring and supporting her recovery work. We believe that alone, maintaining recovery is almost impossible. Together, through the collective process, we can become the strong and courageous women that we inherently are.