Rehab centers accepting VALUE OPTIONS

Number of treatment centers in America accepting VALUE OPTIONS


Value Options is one of the most stable insurance companies in the country that provide reliable insurance coverage to its members. Each insurance policy and treatment facility however, has specific coverage and requirements when it comes to payment for services you will receive.

Does Value Options cover drug rehab coverage or alcoholism?
Value Options provides behavioral health and wellness coverage to its members with chemical dependency diagnoses and mental health and behavioral health issues. Value Options not only pay for your treatment, but it also makes sure that you can avail of quality and affordable care in facilities that can help you lead a healthier and sober life.

What length of stay will Value Options pay for treatment?
Under Value Options’ Integrated Behavioral Health Care Plan, policy holders can avail of substance abuse services from addiction and alcohol treatment centers that meet its standards. The length of treatment that Value Options shall cover may have to depend on your insurance policy and the type of treatment you undergo. Detox services usually last from 5 to 7 days while inpatient and partial hospital rehab usually takes around 21 to 35 days or more. Outpatient group therapy may require up to 60 sessions. Other therapies may also have different periods depending on your needs and the allowed number of days that Value Options shall cover.
Call the toll-free number at the back of your Value Options card and discuss these matters with the insurance representative for more details.

Does Value Options offer specialized alcohol and drug treatment coverage?
Addiction Treatment Services covered by Value Options often include inpatient rehabilitation and other types of behavioral health care and wellness programs designed to speed up the healing and recovery process of the patient. Most treatment plans for patients with alcoholism and drug addiction include detoxification, counseling, rehabilitation (inpatient or outpatient rehab) and family therapy. Talk to the admissions counselor and the Value Options insurance representative to know exactly about the types of substance abuse treatment services that your policy covers.

Insurance options - Inpatient addiction treatment vs. outpatient - which is better?
It depends. If you need people to motivate you more to get sober and if you want a drug-free environment and healthy regular meals, then inpatient rehab is best for you.
You may also enjoy the free transportation to your doctor/ therapist’s appointments and the supportive people in the community to talk to. People with underlying mental issues and medical conditions must also stay in an inpatient setting for close medical supervision.

How do I pay for what Value Options won't cover?
Even if your insurance provider won’t cover all treatment services, you will need to sign a contract with the rehab facility that outlines the payment schedule which is acceptable for you and the facility. You can ask about the possible financing, installment plans and other modes of payment which will ease up your financial burden. You can also do some research on federal grants, scholarships, credit card payments, and the possibility of taking out loan from friends and family.

How do I confirm I have Value Options coverage for rehab?
The best thing for you to do in order to check whether you are sufficiently covered is to contact Value Option’s support service (its number is located at the back of your card). Ask about the in-network facilities and services covered by Value Options. You must also talk to the finance department of the rehab facility you intend to be admitted to check the cost of treatment and the terms and conditions of your rehabilitation