Rehab centers accepting UNITED HEALTHCARE

Number of treatment centers in America accepting UNITED HEALTHCARE


Insurance providers all over the country are required to offer some kind of coverage for substance abuse disorder which is comparable to medical health plans. Specifics vary in treatment centers and policies, so doing your research about in-network rehabs and what United Health will cover will be your best bet.

Does United Health cover drug rehab coverage or alcoholism?
United Health Care Insurance provides in-network benefits for its members suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Most of its medical plans include services offered by OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions. Members are required to call United Behavioral Health support group to ask for authorization before they can receive outpatient or even inpatient services. United Health services also include confidential support in helping patients manage behavioral and personal issues that affect their daily lives.

What length of stay will United Health pay for treatment?
It is important to talk to the admission counselor of your chosen alcohol or drug treatment facility to determine the maximum number of days that United Health shall cover. The admission counselor shall take into consideration the results of your initial assessment and the treatment plan prescribed to you in offering the duration of your treatment. Then, you have to call United Health support to get approval to cover your stay.

Does United Health offer specialized alcohol and drug treatment coverage?
Before a member receives any type of specialized treatment like inpatient stabilization that requires medically supervised hospital stay, the UHC member must call first the UBH for authorization. Otherwise, he (or she) will not be able to receive the specialized treatment benefits. Treatment of substance abuse disorders which are considered integral to treatment often include detoxification, inpatient or outpatient rehab, counseling (group and individual) and family therapy.

United insurance options - Inpatient addiction treatment vs. outpatient - which is better?
Inpatient addiction treatment works best for people who have underlying mental illness and medical conditions. It also effective for people with low levels of motivation and those who relapsed after attending an outpatient rehab program. Individuals who are highly motivated to stay sober but cannot find a drug-free and safe place to live while attending counseling and support group meetings may benefit well from an inpatient facility.

Outpatient rehab, on the other hand may be best for people who are highly motivated to attend counseling, medical therapies and support group meetings. Provided, they have a drug-free home to live in, and that they are away from their drinking or drugging buddies. They must also be surrounded with supportive people or at least they are near the support group meeting areas.

How do I pay for what insurance won't cover?
Covering the entire cost of your rehab may require turning to private resources such as financing, borrowing from supportive people, retirement accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and other similar sources. You can do some research on the availability of community scholarships, federal grants and other types of financial aid that you can avail of.

How do I confirm I have United Healthcare coverage for rehab?
United Health usually covers the substance abuse treatment coverage but you have to contact the toll-free number on your card to confirm whether the treatment center belongs to its network of health care providers. Check whether you need to ask for confirmation of the treatment services you would avail of or not. You may also speak with the admission’s counselor and ask for the payment schedules and options should your treatment cost exceed the insurance coverage.