Rehab centers accepting AETNA

Number of treatment centers in America accepting AETNA


Addiction is considered as a medical condition which requires medical treatment and is therefore covered by health insurance policies. Treatment facilities cannot promise coverage, however, because most of the insurance companies do not specify the nature and extent of addiction treatment coverage.

Does Aetna cover drug rehab coverage or alcoholism?

Aetna covers drug and alcohol rehab, but your insurance coverage depends on your employer, nature and length of treatment, co-payments, deductibles, out-of-network care or in-network care and other factors.


What length of stay will Aetna pay for treatment?

It all depends on your insurance coverage, deductibles, and the state you live. Aetna’s new plan covers 12-step programs, private therapy and various residential programs of various lengths (i.e. 28 to 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days) which can last up to 12 months.


Does Aetna offer specialized alcohol and drug treatment coverage?

Aetna covers various treatment options available for people who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs such as group therapy

  • detoxification
  • individual therapy
  • inpatient alcohol/drug rehab and treatment
  • counseling
  • residential rehabilitation treatment
  • other types of treatment necessary for the client’s full recovery

Insurance options - Inpatient addiction treatment vs. outpatient - which is better?

Both inpatient addiction treatment and outpatient treatment offer the same therapy options like individual and group therapy, 12 step groups and other support groups. The big difference is in the place where rehabilitation takes place.

Inpatient clients have to stay at the treatment center (hospital/residential rehab) with other recovering addicts/alcoholics in recovery where they have to attend therapy sessions, 12-steps and support groups on a daily basis. Outpatient therapy clients, on the other hand, only have to go to the treatment center for their scheduled treatment or therapy then go home. They can also keep their jobs and daily activities.

Inpatient addiction treatment is for individuals who need close medical supervision during detox or at the early stages of addiction and/or alcohol treatment. It is also recommended for individuals with high-relapse risk.


How do I pay for what insurance won't cover?

If the cost of alcohol rehab/drug rehab exceeds the qualified amount, you may have to talk to the rehab’s finance department about other payment options like payment plans, credit cards, and grants. You can also ask for free assessment of your qualifications for Medicare, Medicaid, federal employee benefits, and other health care plans.


How do I confirm I have coverage?

Not all employers carry the same behavioral health Aetna policy so you have to ask the member’s benefits department about your coverage. You may also find the website at very helpful or you can speak with our representative to check if you are covered.